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Bharatpur Police Firing: ANHAD Team visits riot-hit areas; Police brutalities reminiscient of post-1947 anti-Muslim riots

[Anhad Team led by prominent Social activist Shabnam Hashmi, Navaid Hamid and others recently visited Goplagunj, Ladumka and adjoining villages in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district. A worst ever carnage took place after minority Muslim Meos and dominant Hindu Gujars clashed over the dispute over kabristan (Graveyard) land. A communally-biased police force was instigated by political leaders bearing communal mindset, resorted to indiscriminate firings leading to gory incidents reminiscent of post-1947 riots. Meos were targeted, butchered, some of them burnt alive, and mosque ransacked . A number of Meos were killed in police firing. And, all this happened right under the Ashok Gehlot-led Congress Party government in the state, which boasts of being savior of minorities and upholder of secularism. The mainstream media as usual has shut its eyes on the macabre Bharatpur riots and decided to instead better focus on Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s ‘Sadbhavna Mission’ fast only because huge amount of money were doled out through advertisements. The Bharatpur Riots have surely raised the important issue of immediate passage of Communal Violence Bill 2011. Will the Rajasthan government act soon enough to ensure speedy justice to the riot-hit victims? Will the mainstream media take up the issue forcefully in the same way as they are spending their energy on projecting Narendra Modi as future Prime Minister of India? Is anybody listening? We are producing the Press Release verbatim and Photos sent by Anhad for the benefit of our readers and also to those who are equally concerned and accountable hoping that urgent action will be taken and justice meted out to the victims. – Danish Ahmad Khan, Founder-Editor, IndianMuslimObserver.com]

There was tension, fear, apprehension and a strange smell in the atmosphere

An Anhad Team comprising of Navaid Hamid (Member, NIC), Shabnam Hashmi (Social activist), Mohan Kumwat (Documentary film maker), Apoorv Pandey (Anhad Production Housing), Ashim (NCDHR), Zakir Hussain, Ramzan Choudhury, Arif and Bashir & others visited Goplagunj, Ladumka and adjoining villages.

We read reports about the dispute over kabristan land, followed by clashes between Meos and Gujars. The official reports coming out in the media were very different from what we were hearing from the ground. Anhad has been working in Mewat for over two years and we received innumerable calls from local social activists, villagers about police firing, killings of Meos and a heavily biased attitude. It was on the basis of these phone calls that we decided to visit the area.

Our vehicle was stopped before we entered Rajasthan. The police officer said we have orders to stop you. It took us one and a half hours of negotiations, shoutings, several telephone calls to the CM and principle secretary’s office, and conversations with the collector before we were allowed to proceed. Meanwhile 7 jeeps full of policemen and a bus arrived to stop us from going any further.

The police throughout tried their best to misguide us and not to let us enter the villagers, they forced us to go to some madarsa saying victims were there. Again after a battle of words and shouting matches we were finally allowed to enter the mosque. As we were going in the police officer literally threatened us, if you take too much time we will leave, conveying that we won’t be responsible for your safety. Our team promptly told them to leave as we did not need their security.

There was nothing inside the mosque which was not broken. Inside and on the roof at least on 8-10 places there were big blood marks and marks of either the injured or dead being dragged. Some of them leading to dead wall ends from which obviously bodies/ injured must have been thrown down. The outside wall had more than 15-20 bullet marks and so did the inside walls. There were torn pages of Quran scattered in two places, broken glasses, bricks, blood soaked clothes , utensils etc.

In the villages we were heard stories of indiscriminate police firing on Meos, petrol being thrown on people before burning them, people missing, search for bodies still scattered over places etc. The villagers were constantly being threatened by the police not to give any information. Where ever we went the police force in hundreds reached before us.

There was tension, fear, apprehension and a strange smell in the atmosphere.

The police kept on threatening us and asking us to leave. The collector called and said I advise you to leave immediately. We told him we will take another half an hour.

Then we went to the Eidgah which was so far locked but was opened for some time and the police was inside.

We found two charred dead bodies floating in the Eid gah well. We could see smoke coming out from the other side of the eidgah wall and we were told there are several bodies being burnt.

Before we could go and see that we were surrounded by police and arrested.

We were not allowed to go any further, to meet anyone else. We were taken to the police station and from there soon with police escort pushed out of Rajasthan border. Once we entered Haryana the police left us.

1. We do not want to speculate on number of dead. It is clear they are many more than official figures.

2. It is obvious that there is a lot more than meets the eye.

3. The police are destroying evidence.

Present status of SMS hospital patient of Jaipur

Emergency ward trauma centre

1. Haroon age 55 years police bullet near left eye with some more injury.
Haroon said I got bullet injury through police vehicle person from blue vehicle and blue dress

2. Ismail age 30 years s/o Dinu village Niwasna seriously burned through petrol, Ismail said group of people came with petrol and tried to burn

3. Isa Khan age 24 years bullet inside stomach he said bullet from crowd

4. Saddam age 20 years burned through petrol inside mosque jumped from first floor to save life multiple injuries.

5. Balweer Mali age 25 year s bullet injury said got bullet injury from crowd side.

6. Omar Khan age 70 years old man multiple injury by Sharpe weapon .He was offering prayer in the mosque and suddenly people attacked on him. Very old man he was not in position to run away.

ICU ward patients

1. Abdul Rahman age 65 years multiple injury attacked from sharp weapon on head many stitches then left hand serious not in position to talk village Haldwadi.Attacked while preparing for Namaz(performing Wadu) inside mosque. Breathing through oxygen mask. Status: Very weak and seriously injured.

2. Farid s/o Fazlu age 25 years multiple head injury attacked by sharp weapon. Breathing through oxygen mask. Status: Both of above two victims were not in position to talk.

3. Kalu Khan not available on bed as he went inside for operation but serious condition.

4. Hameeda, age 75 years, with multiple head injury admitted in Bangerd ward serious.

5. Asmeena w/o Imran in Burn ward serious.

6. Shabbir age 35 years also in burn ward serious

List of those missing (this we got from two villages- list could be longer):

1. Zakir s/o Abdul
2. Mubarim s/o Mohammad (Ladlaka)
3. Isa s/o Rahmat (Kheda)
4. Irfan s/o Shafi
5. Khursheed s/o Hajriya
6. Iqbal s/o unknown


1. Constitute a CBI Enquiry with Immediate Effect

2. Suspend the SP, DYSP, CO

3. Transfer the Collector

4. Removal of STF Immediately

5. Deployment of Paramilitary Forces

6. All Party Delegation to visit Gopalgarh and Adjoining Villages

7. Rs.10 Lakh Compensation for the Families of the Deceased and Rs. 2 Lakh for Injured

8. Immediate Assessment of Damage to Property and Appropriate
Compensation/ Rehabilitation Measures to be taken

9. Police Reforms/ Decomanalisation of Police Force

10. Measures in 12th Five Year Plan to Ensure Security of Minorities

11. Detoxification of all Government Machinery, Police, Bureucracy

12. Actively Fight the Mindsets which Breed Hatred against Minorities, Dalits and the Poor

13. Immediate Passage of Prevension of Communal Violence Bill after Necessary Amendments

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  1. Shabnam Hashmi is leading figure of justice who is running for last many years day and night for people who have been brutally suppressed in different parts of country .Shabnam we solute your courage. I also wish my best regards to Indian Muslim Observer. com for mind blowing efforts.this portal is doing wonderful work. keep it up.Nazia Raza

  2. Dear Friends, killing of Muslims in This country will never stop until we unite for sake of internal peace and prosperity in the country.please remember the rest of the population of India wants peace,harmony and security but handful people and biased police forces are for their vested interest turning whole society into hell.its duty of every Indian to make an effort to stop such carnage in our country.

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