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Story of Colonial Loot: G8 to promote Neo-colonization of Mideast

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Joint Agenda of UNSC-NATO and G8

Multifaceted western terrocracies in many combinations and permutations are apparently making efforts to colonize the Arab nations and Africa. Growing demand for energy resources in the West has put the energy rich Mideast and Central Asia in spotlight for colonial wars by the West through the “uprisings”, as usual on alien soil by pitting Muslims against Muslims. Even as the dollar vs. Euro struggle continues at high levels, USA-EU are now focusing on genocides and terrorization of Muslims for containing any further growth of Islam.

Conspiracy is another name for democracy. Sept-11 terror operations, obviously engineered by the CIA and its Zionist and British allies, were the outcome of deep rooted USA-UK-Israel conspiracy executed in full perfection to set the stage for illegal invasions of Islamic world. The notorious NATO-UNSC combine, led by USA-UK terror twins, has been for over a decade conducting a growing number of open-ended colonial wars aimed at re-dividing the world along religious lines and looting its resources for themselves, to the advantage of the only super power, the USA. In the ongoing, but undeclared, WW-III, being unleashed exclusively on Islam and Muslim nations by western terrocracies also led by USA-UK terror twins, the prime target, therefore , has been oil rich Islamic world in Mideast to ensure energy security of the West.

Upon the disastrous fall of Iraq, Afghanistan and Iraq, the UNSC-NATO guided by CIA neocons hatched subsequent conspiracies to destabilize and control the Mideast region. The so-called uprisings in Mideast and Libya, therefore, are basically meant to protect and expand US and British commercial interests that are aimed at opening up the economies of major countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The major outcomes of the “uprisings” are destabilization of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Libya has been the key target of UNSC-NATO terror syndicates and, as per the CIA plans, its oil resources have been shipped to USA.

Apart from World Bank and IMF, the UNSC-5 and NATO employ G7, G8 and G20 to pursue the capitalist and imperialist objectives. Both G8 and G20 behave like economic handles of UNSC-5 and UNSC-15 respectively.

G8 is the extended version of UNSC-5 while G20 is the expanded gang of UNSC-15. G8 assumed the role of NATO and decided to pursue their ruthless campaign to force Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi from office. Behind the backs of the American people, the Democratic and Republican parties are working out the precise mechanism for how these cuts will be achieved. G-8 was converted into G-20 when the UNSC-5 wanted to bring in all green gas emitters into resolving the climate change issue. Now the new thinking in Washington is to concentrate on G20 and leave alone G8 where Russia has a major say and stick to its earlier G7 without having to listen to what the Kremlin has to say.

The summit was expected to approve a multi-billion-dollar aid package for Tunisia and Egypt, after “Arab Spring” uprisings unleashed from far away Washington deposed their autocratic leaders, and to seal an agreement to back others in the region who wants “democracy”. The opening day’s focus on a major aid program ostensibly aimed at supporting the “Arab spring” and the growth of “democracy” in the Middle East and North Africa was just a gimmick.

Group of 8 wealthiest industrialized, but essentially corrupt, criminalized fascist nations that are the backbone of the notorious NATO-UNSC joint terror syndicate, have officially pledged on 26th May to send billions of dollars in aid to Egypt (and Tunisia), hoping to reduce the threat that economic stagnation could undermine the transition to democracy. G8 big leaders have promised to finance Middle East economies with financial efforts to win back investors’ confidence. America has pledged $2 billion and Saudi Arabia, another $4 billion to Egypt and some other small enterprises funds here and there. Discussions are on with the International Monetary Fund. The World Bank has committed $6 billion of aid to Egypt and Tunisia, focusing on reviving the private sector.

The two-day G8 meeting was being held under the shadow of the sharpening global crisis of capitalism, including the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the ballooning US debt, which has now surpassed $14 trillion. On the sidelines, the G8 leaders could have debated many other questions of common concern. One of most important item but unspecified on the agenda is oil-arms relations with Arab world and future courses of action to colonize Mideast and Africa.

The G8 summit has called for austerity measures by world only to help the dollar get stabilized. Greece has become a testing ground for the type of austerity measures European governments are intent on implementing in their own countries. A large proportion of the debts of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain total about $2 trillion, with a large proportion held by European banks.

The G8 summit also focused broadly on the internet’s impact on the global economy. Earlier, officials from the G8 held preparatory talks in the seaside resort of Deauville to hammer out common positions on issues ranging from the world economy to Libya’s civil war, Iran’s nuclear goals and unrest in Syria. President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered all but essential diplomatic staff to leave the country as clashes intensified.

Soon, France, proud host of a summit in Deauville, hands the chair to the USA, which has been skeptical of the group’s utility. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, whose country also sits in the BRICS group of emerging economies with China, India, Brazil and South Africa, made clear that Moscow sees all such summitry as important to pushing Kremlin policies.”G20 is not an alternative to the G8,” he said in Deauville. “We need to use the opportunities and formats we have, and hence multiply the channels to promote our national interests. So we will keep on playing on all of these chessboards.”

Last year Canada hosted both G8 and G20 summits on succeeding days. France hosted the first summit (G4) 36 years ago, when President Valery Giscard d’Estaing invited peers from the USA, Japan, Britain and West Germany to Rambouillet to seek consensus on surging global capital flows and soaring OPEC oil prices. The world has changed dramatically since the group began. Once Italy and Canada had joined by the next year, 1976, the G7 accounted for two thirds of the world’s economic output. Even with Russia, added in 1998 in hopes of fostering its post-Soviet democracy, the G8 now has only about 40 percent of world GDP. China’s economy has surpassed all but that of the USA.

Unkept Promises of West

In the emerging US unipolar scenario, USA-UK terror twins play destructive role in global affairs by illegal wars. The emergence of a US-British-French military axis as the leading force in the NATO campaign against Libya has shifted the balance of international forces. G8, like the UNSC, cannot but play the CIA role.

CIA efficiently unleashed “revolutions” in Mideast to destabilize and establish puppet regimes. Street demonstrations in Cairo and Tunis that thrilled and inspired the Arab world also drove away the tourists and investors on which these economies are heavily dependent. Both countries need quite a lot of money considering the hit to their economies and their revenues. The first thing they will be looking for is direct financial aid. The total needs of the economies are escalating with time. Egypt has funding gap of $12 billion until mid 2012 and Tunisia has an estimated fiscal deficit of 4.3 percent in 2011. A total fund of $15 billion is promised to Egypt and Tunisia on both government and private sectors over various time periods.

After creating instability and chaos in Mideast by igniting “uprisings” and “Arab spring”, the leaders of the Group of Eight or G8 comprising the USA, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia – met in the French resort city of Deauville on 25-26th May to discuss a range of issues from the ‘Arab Spring’ to Europe’s debts and endorse aid to new Arab “democracies”. A slew of issues like agreeing on a new IMF chief to mediating war in Libya and Yemen crisis dominated the agenda. Nuclear safety was another topic, with Japanese PM Naoto Kan provided leaders with an update on the continuing crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. The future of the internet and its relevance for economy also figured in the G8 leaders’ talks.

The opening day’s focus on a major aid program ostensibly aimed at supporting the “Arab spring” and the growth of “democracy” in the Middle East and North Africa was just a gimmick. The principal aim of the so-called aid program is to utilize the upheavals in the Arab world to carry out an even greater penetration of their economies by Western capital and to prop up regimes that will support US and Western European interests while quelling the uprising of the masses.

US officials and G8 countries really did not want to reach a deal on dollar amounts for assistance. The heads of the World Bank and the UN were also be present and added their signatures to the partnership declaration. US foreign terror Secretary Hillary Clinton said they share a compelling interest in seeing the transitions in Egypt and Tunisia succeed and become models for the region. Maybe she was as usual joking. “Otherwise, we risk losing this moment of opportunity.” The gas deal has been an integral part of the US-Egyptian relations and President Obama recently offered Egypt $1 billion in loan guarantees and $1 billion in debt relief on the condition that it meets its commitments. The USA has told Egypt that its security obligations in the northern Sinai are among its commitments. Jewish French President N. Sarkozy, for whom such gatherings are welcome platforms as he campaigns for re-election, has set this year’s G20 for Cannes in November, six months after the G8. The IMF has promised a meritocratic process to replace Strauss-Kahn, a Socialist ex-finance minister who was favorite to defeat Sarkozy in a French presidential election next year. It has set a June 30 deadline to pick a successor to the post, which has been held by a European since 1945.

When the G8 member states have insisted on austerity measures by every other nation to promote capitalism, but at a cost of 200 million euros, the armies of police, soldiers and special agents deployed at Deauville had the task of shielding the summit participants from the outside world. Police have established one security cordon around the conference centre where the leaders are meeting, and another perimeter encompassing all of Deauville. Local ports, train stations and the airport was shut two days and a no-fly zone enforced over the town. The show of force may have discouraged radicals and other protesters from attempting to organize demonstrations close to the summit. Anti-G8 protesters planned symbolic demonstrations in the neighboring towns of Caen and Le Havre, but they do not plan to try to disrupt the event in Deauville itself.

China and Russia, both veto members of the notorious UNSC have secret deals with NATO rogues against Islam and Muslim nations and Moscow sells weapons to Muslim nations. Russia, which sees the US-NATO intervention as a direct threat to its own extensive interests in Libya’s oil and gas industry, has condemned the bombing as a violation of UN resolutions. It has stepped up its own diplomatic initiative, meeting with representatives of both the Libyan regime and the so-called rebels backed by Washington and NATO in an attempt to promote a cease-fire. Russian president Medvedev was to outline his concerns over Libya, where months of illegal NATO air strikes have failed to dislodge leader Muammar Gaddafi. Russia, a critic of the military intervention, wants to push its own ceasefire plan after welcoming envoys of both Qaddafi and the opposition to Moscow for talks.

Objectives of G8

The principal aim of the so-called aid program is to utilize the upheavals in the Arab world to carry out an even greater penetration of their economies by Western capital and to prop up regimes that will support US and Western European interests while quelling the uprising of the masses.

At the summit there were again the usual pledges from the Europeans to confront fiscal crises within the EU with “determination”. Behind the official tableau of smiles, kisses and handshakes were fierce conflicts over the international finance crisis. US delegates warned that the continuing European debt crisis was driving down the value of the euro against the dollar and threatening the American export industry. The fate of ordinary people in the face of rising prices did not figure as the top item either. Bulk of Africa nations is still expecting the western donors to fulfill their pledge to them.

A weakening Euro would be beneficial to the US dollar’s value and CIA expects the ongoing euro crisis would let dollar reassert itself as the dominant global currency the Arabs would choose. However, among the principal “concerns” expressed by the Obama regime was that the debt crisis gripping the weaker members of the EU is driving down the value of the euro, interfering with American capitalism’s attempt to increase its export earnings.

The Neocon nuts proclaiming capitalism and neo-colonialism as the cardinal force of world’s future progress also claim that the G-8 summit was “historic,” the moment for the great powers to rally their wealth and arms behind the Arab people and staunch a gap in the spread of “Western” values across the world.

G8, as expected, refused to work out contingency plans to alleviate poverty because anti-poverty is not their key agenda. After all, the advanced economies exist by extra profits and exploiting the poor to make them live the worst possible conditions.

Having failed to fulfill the promises made in previous G8 summits, the French G8 summit offered big credits with conditions attached to new Arab nations (“democracies”) and rallied Russia, an often awkward post-Cold War addition, to the cause of somehow – by hook or crook or war crimes – ousting Libya’s Col. Muammar Qaddafi. And there was also no joint statement on Libya, where the US and NATO are beginning their third month of a bombing campaign that has wreaked increasing destruction and loss of life in the Mideastern country.

In order to satisfy the interests of the domestic as well as international finance elite, the world’s leading imperialist powers are increasingly resorting to a policy of social counterrevolution at home and colonial war abroad. This was the message to emerge from the latest meeting of G8 countries.

Despite the bland language of G8 diplomacy and the pretense of common purpose, 2011 G8 summit only underscores the inability of the major Western capitalist powers to devise any coordinated response to the financial crisis that has shaken the world economy since September 2008 when the rapid outflow of this same foreign capital led to the collapse of national economies even in East European region. G8 leaders in the faded casino resort may have to fend off challenges to Western Europe’s grip on the post of managing director of the International Monetary Fund, the global lender.

The top imperialist state with monopoly goals, the USA is seeking to create in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya regimes that will continue upholding the interests of the US and its principal regional ally, Israel, while subordinating the countries’ economies to the profit interests of the US-based transnationals and systematically repressing the threat of social revolution.

Not just the USA, but entire G8 world seems to pursue imperialist goals in Mideast, while Arab states support this. The G8 remained silent on the violent repression unleashed by the ruling monarchy of Bahrain against the mass protest movement in that country. The Bahrain regime, which hosts the US Fifth Fleet, has received tacit US support for the clampdown and NATO does not want to destabilize it and asked Saudi monarchy to send troops to Bahrain to quell the protesting masses.

The job of the management of the global economy as its core business has been quite successful, but G-8 has also deformed itself into a vanity project for leaders of nations in decline, marginalized by the rise of China and other big, industrializing nations, for whom the forum founded in the 1970s is a neo-colonial throwback. G8 leaders, whose governments across the globe are beefing up their own military apparatus to deal with the increasing domestic opposition to their policies, demanded an intensification of austerity programs across the globe and reiterated their resolve to overthrow uncooperative regimes by means of war.

Many Arab and other Muslim nations promote the capitalist interests of their leaders who lead the corporate sectors and support neo-colonialist urges of the western terrocracies. The realization that Mideast must be brought under the control of western corporate regimes has led to Western terrocracies to see the “new democracies” emerging in Arab world to promote crony capitalism and seeks to offer loans/aid to make the regimes buy the western arms to be used against one another. Hence the G8 has introduced a phrase “emerging new Arab democracies” to directly enter their economies.

When Arab leaders, badly wanting the western bosses to protect their illegal wealth behave like stupid fools, the real aim of the US and the Western European powers in the Mideast uprisings and Libyan war being clearly the recolonization of the oil-rich regions of the Mideast and Africa as part of an attempt to offset the deepening crisis of their economies.

Era of GST (global state terrorism), dominated by military supremacy of USA-UK twins by using all economic,financial and judicial agnecies, has defamed Islam, slashed Islamic populations. But more disastrous has been the anti-Islamic policies of Muslim nations that refuse take joint stand on the impending threat from anti-Islamic forces. Arabs nations create obstacles in the efforts to formulate coherence policy to face the enemy threat.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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