Published On:02 August 2011
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OPINION: Muslims are the enemy of India?

By Syed Zubair Ahmad

Muslims are the enemies of India and their properties will be declared ‘enemies properties! Seems to be surprising?? But it’s going to be declared officially through a bill (The enemy property amendment and validation bill) by Congress government in this monsoon session of parliament. Before it was only un-official but after this monsoon session of parliament Muslims will be told officially that they are the second class citizens of this country. Now even a genuine Indian citizen who had been member of legislative assembly for two terms who fought parliamentary election and who was declared an Indian citizen by none other than the supreme of India will be deprived from his ancestral properties and his properties will be termed as enemies’ properties and will be taken over by the Custodian of Enemy Property.

What would be the relevance of this article at a time when its matter of few hours or days. I could have written this article or few more articles on this topic few months before, but I know what impact it can make on the blanket state policy to marginalize Muslims on economic and political front by the mightiest political party if this country. What the supreme court of this country wanted to grant Muslims is being snatched by Congress through legislation. What courts gives Muslims Congress takes it away. We would have no regrets had this done by RSS and company, but it’s being done by Congress .The Congress which is getting the votes and supports of majority of Muslims since independence.

All it started in Oct 2005 when after four decades of legal battle Mohammad Amir Mohammad Khan aka Suleman Mian-the Raja of Mahmoodabad won his case in the apex court and proved before the court that he is bona fide citizen of India and the legal inheritor of his father’s property worth thousands of crore. In that remarkable and historical judgment the honorable court also said. “Can the property of an Indian be called an Indian Property? Answer is emphatically No”.
Last year the UPA II governments’ nefarious design to take over thousands of Muslims property worth billions of rupees through an Ordinance was not succeeded due to strong opposition of Samajwadi Party and Rashtriya Janta Dal members of parliament and particularly Mulayam Singh Yadav and Lalu Prasad Yadav.

The most disgusting question is that who is the enemy of this country? According to this bill “the Muslims whose ancestors migrated to Pakistan at the time of partition is the enemy of this country”. Imagine the word ‘enemy’ is being used for those who migrated to Pakistan or Bangladesh after the partition, what terminology will be used to those who were born in those two neighboring countries? I think the term ‘permanent enemy’ will be more appropriate for them! In past Bangladesh and Pakistan had similar laws involving Hindu properties but later their governments amended those laws in favor of their Hindu citizens.

The people who will be affected directly by the upcoming bill are only Muslims who preferred to make India their home .Instead of rewarding such real patriots who made India their home by choice the UPA government led by Congress is trying to punish them. After the induction of this bill all the properties which were owned by Raja Suleiman, (estimated more than 5000 crore) after he won title suit from the Supreme Court in 2005, will be given back to the Custodian of Enemy Property (CEP), Mumbai.CEP came into existence after enemy property act was passed in 1968.According to this Act all properties that were left by those who migrated to Pakistan were to be taken over by CEP.Sulieman’s father left for Pakistan in 1955,later he moved to London where he died. But his wife and son, the present Raja of Mahmoodabad remained in India. The present Raja had to fight his legal battle for 35 years, which he finally won reclaiming the property left behind by his father in India. Interestingly there are over 50 illegal occupants/tenants of Raja’s properties who are very rich and powerful Banyas, whose councils are Arun Jaitly and Ram Jethmalani etc. Imagine how difficult is to get justice for an ordinary Muslim.It was only the guts of Raja of Mahmoodabad to fought a long legal battle against rich and mighty but finally when the battle is won in court the Congress led government wants to reverse the decision by legislation. How can Congress let the Muslims prosper?How cat it see a Muslim becoming the richest man of Uttar Pardesh.It only want to see Muslims as Rickshaw pullers and puncture makers.

The hatred and enmity of Congress is no more a secret. It starts from its existence. BJP and Congress are the two sides of the same coin. Both use almost the same techniques according to the situation. Again I would repeat Congress is more dangerous than the BJP. While the BJP believes in using the short cut root to achieve its target the Congress believe in long term planning to do the same more shrewdly and tactfully. Muslims should come out to oppose this oppressive bill and fight tooth and nail and to thwart it.

[Syed Zubair Ahmad is a Writer & Journalist. He can be reached at smzubairahmad@gmail.com]

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