Published On:11 August 2011
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OPINION: Indian Politics, Fake Celebrities and False Prestige

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Even as the prices of essential commdities and transport are deadly rising on a regular basis during the past 5 yers and corporate lords make billions with regime protection and support at the cost of poor in the coutnry, there is no elected or unelcted leader to represent the concerns of the poor that constitute the bulk of voters - either inside the parliment or assemblies or in front them. India is keen only to pursue US and IMF interests so that their agents control the resources..

India has indeed become a dependable sanctuary not only for the international state terror leaders, but, mainly, has emerged as a top fake democracy to let the corporate world squeeze the resources of people. Indian parliament readily approves all corrupt practices including black money and money laundering – especially the corporate mafia loot, obviously after a drama on the floor of the house. And Indian voters are satisfied with performance of their leaders.

Aiming at very big things without nay real substance, India was deadly upbeat when US foreign terror minister Madam Clinton declared India, an emerging terror partner to fuel NATO terrorism in Muslim world, as its agents in Asia to pursue its agendas that should also promote US interests.

Another day of Independence is fast approaching for anti-Muslim and anti-Kalshmiri India and India is expected to change its “course” that it religiously followed for decades since 1947 August. Although the Republic day is far away to announce the routine national awards for "extraordinary" free services to nation, the mafias are already at work to some how get Pharatratna for cricket showman and London's waxboy Sachuin and influence all world teams to offer him a last 100 plus for that p patriotic purpose. In fact he had high hopes for his last 100 plus on England in Test-2 which had allowed him to fix his wax figure in London Museum. When Sachin was allowed to cross 50 plus he thought English bowlers have begun to favor him and he would, after a long wait, finally get his 100 plus and make fake Indian prestige alive. He soon returned to pavilion totally disillusioned for ever. On special request from media he occasionally made out-show from the windowsill.

For unknown reasons, India, mischievously, thinks only it has the right to be the top ranking cricket team. Consequently, today, India is badly upset for reasons of cricketism. Indian fanatic media and crazy public are deadly upset over the Indian loss of "ranking" in Test cricket and Indian parliamentarians, therefore, have now got spare time to debate, maybe for fun, the price rise issue in the parliament, maybe just to fool the voters. Ever since the UPA regime assumed power for the second consecutive term without achieving anything in the first term, the prices of essential commodities have been sky rocketing with the market mafias taking full charge of prices and without any effort from the regime to control them. Nor the Sonia-Manmohan regime has been able to contain deadly inflation while value of Indian currency has gone still down. Political leaders and bureaucrats are given a free hand by the system to loot the nation's resources at will and the regime of Manmohan Singh, the top agent of transnationals and WB/IMF, shields all thee "delicate" corruption issues and his party get a lion's shame from all black and other deals.

Not evry one is aware of the fact that Indian politics is mixed with opeations of various mafias and cricketism. There is a close nexus between cricketism and politics in India where the "performance" of cricketer is directly linked to the political and governmental changes. The political turmoil in Indian state of Karnataka, one of the most corrupt states of Indian democracy ( although corrupt Tamil Nadu's ousted - but freely roaming - CM Karunanidhi was instrumental in institutionalizing corruption in the country with an open tag attached of reach and every services and job, etc) is a case in point here. Bangalore's Yedirudrappa the chief minister of Karnataka has a continuous claim to power on the strength of Rahul Dravid (not Rahul Gandhi) from Bangalore has been "shining" in London. But Sonia Gandhi's Congress party could also claim "victory" because of "Rahul" has made 100 plus, but both are hiding the hot truth that it is England which is kind especially to Dravid and it is basically UK record. Congress has another trump card here- Yuvraj who also stands for "young Rahul".

In order to prove that Indian politics is closely linked d to cricketism, Bangalore's Yedirudrappa, forced by his insulted party, has said he would resign today at 3-30 pm, when Test series begins in London. But he delayed it further and made the announcement only when the English skipper Strauss gifted his wicket. BJP has nominated, among backdoor big fames, a top liquor boss to parliament.

Fanatic BJP has proved itself to be a top corrupt patriotic party. Bangalore's Yedirudrappa, a reliable associate of Reddy brothers from Andra Pradesh who by illegally mining Karnataka, have become ministers in Yedirudrappa's first ever fanatic Hindutva BJP ministry in the state, has been bold to remain in power. Eventually, Yeddy and notorious Reddys have to step down because Dravid's hundred plus did not go anywhere near to win any match. (One does not know if Interpol is promoting corruption in India but that is not the issue here)

Yeddy and Reddy have since resigned but they not yet out. They will be allowed to play their "patriotic" role. Only Kalmadi and Modi have been exposed by the intelligence and media but the nation is infested by thousands of such big guys vying for Bharatratnas!

Similarly, money bags get across the concerned people so that every guilty is safe in India.

Cricket, like films and reality shows, is for pure fun-leisure and entertainment meant for relax purposes and not for any serious business. But India today is seen gong insane by glorifying an Individual called Sachin Tenulakar for nation’s highest honour! It is an international shame that these days, Indian TVs and other media, as usual, pamper an already pampered Sachuin Tendulakar who is struggling these days because the bowlers do not offer him enough "stuff" to shine, and ask Indians to wish him for his last 100 plus so that he could peacefully leave the field. It is another Indian ugly face, another scam. It is better the Indian parliament and Maharashtra Assembly and Mumbai Corporation to offer their favored Sachuin his 100 plus now. English boys are not going to offer Tendulkhar him another 100 plus now and hereafter howsoever he cries loud or his fanatic fans want it. The mafias cannot go beyond certain limit. Enough is enough.

Cricket is a fake sport, supported by politicians and bureaucrats for their own benefits. In a way as to promote the usual "give and take" policy of cricketism, the English boys in the Test-2 bated first as per Indian decision and began throwing away their bats one after another as if they were in a completion for that and none was allowed to make 100 plus. Only one E-cricketer somehow managed or was allowed to cross 50 plus after 7 wickets. English bowlers plays offered 100 plus to their favorite Bangalore Dravid and a couple of 50 plus. Sachin Tendulakar, as usual in UK, returned to pavilion quickly without any "form" and without any support from the Eng-bowlers. Indians perhaps thought they could make some 500 plus but was, however, was not allowed to reach even 300 plus. English bowlers were slow at "job" and let Indians enjoy with bat until UK favorite Dravid reached 100 plus but after then attacked the Indian batboys in quick succession, including Dravid himself. (Will Dravid also be allowed to fix his wax figure at London Museum?)

Rankings in cricket have no meaning at all. For all its generous gimmicks, the Indian media , especially the TV channels and, worse, the sport channels, have not got any "breaking news " from London to blast India as the world champions. The worst rebuff is the final fall of India's greatest son Sachin Tendulakar whom all aspiring sport persons seeking similar favors from regimes have strongly recommended on TVs for all national and international awards. One of such recommending authorities is Indian origin faded chess player Anando a Spaniard who lives comfortably in Spain and aiming at Pharatratna from India for fixing the tournaments with other players for "draws"- directly or through Indian lobbyists. Sachin has crashed in cricket and also declared his retirement possibly only to continue to bat until his son becomes eligible to replace him to save mother India from embarrassments.

In all tests in UK, Sachin has once again proven to be a mediocre being immorally promoted and pampered by mafias, lobbies, corporate-media lords as well as the regime- obviously through usual fixings. In the test-2 under the Bridge, Tendulakar was offered 50 plus only when England had removed 6 wickets and was eager to quickly end the match on day 4 itself, without going to Day-5. This one aspect of how some cricketers get extra runs without their own fault. In fact, Harbajan Singh also managed about 50 runs only under that UK self-imposed pressure to quickly end the match. And the match ended and India lost in a historic fashion by shopping 300 plus runs, much more than in the Test-1.

In the T2 second innings, English boys dominated the proceedings right from the beginning and won it in style.

English boy Cook as usual fell early and he does not know why he is in the squad at all. Possibly English boys will win the test-3 and T-4 as well.

The prime job of all paid bowlers at international cricket is to minimize the runs offered to batboys. However, the bowlers of the team that fields first, instead of doing that generally do just the opposite by playing keeping in mind plight of their won batboys by offering enough runs to opponent p[ batboys. The simple logic working in their mind is if they reduce the total runs and individual scores of opponents, the fate of their own batboys would be equally harsh when they come to bat. So, by offering good scores for individuals and total score for the opponent, the bowlers and fielders create the background work, like the CIA and its allies do before targeting any Muslim nation, by offering scope for expansive shots so that batboys “blast” spectacular shots. This mischief has been going on for ages since cricket was invented by the British colonizers to keep their colonies in good humors. Australia, for example, has done the same against Sri Lanka in by offering 200 plus to the hosts in 20/20 including a 100 plus to one of batboys. Is it not too much to offer 100plus to an individual, for whatever reasons, when the bowlers bowl only 120 balls. But the hosts when came to bowl crushed the today’s first “ranking” team without offering return any relief.

By playing joint exercises in cricket, the players have lost their own faces and seek records with inter-fixings. Austria one of the teams which fell victim to Indian scheming has only showmen now but none with fighting spirit to win a match. Every one is bothered about man of match, some runs and wickets and not any match win. That is the tragedy of most of the tams today.

Does not this mean that Australia, rank one team now has a set of mediocre bowlers and average batboys? Is there not something basically fishy about the very concept of “ranking” in cricket itself?

It looks England is on its way to assume Test champions. When England thrashed India in both tests so far, Australia, the first ranking team in ODI, has also assumed champions in Test as well, followed by Sri Lanka in the second place as per the ICC ranking lists. England played an powerful arbitrator's role thrashing India already in the first tow Test in UK and took away the Test ranking from India and made Australia the Test forerunner. India would not have allowed Australia or Sri Lanka to defeat Indian team directly and snatch away the test title. Earlier, South Africa was the "rank holder in test but that team had come all the way to India to play joint cricket to let India the "rank holder".

What exactly will happen in 5-day Tests where records and ranks are renewed or exchanged and other dramas is immaterial to us as much as to the people at large, after all we do not decide these "big matters".

Celebration of days of Republic and Independence by rudely showcasing military terror power and honoring a few favorites with awards is basically a colonial legacy and has no meaning as many Indians starve and commit suicide. But using the occasion by the regime to pamper some individuals with special awards is incredibly ridiculous. Does India require such big awards to honor fake celebrities-drunkards who have made billions by all sorts of means and use black money and are engaged in money laundering operations? Many such awardees are mischievous people and are caught indulging in illegal operations. A nation cannot insult itself by honoring fake celebrities for the sake of promoting false image of itself by beating its chest so cruelly!.

Lobbying, campaigning and even bribing all concerned and unconcerned to somehow get an award on Republic day has become a favorite hobby of all so-called celebrity-drunkards in India and for that all state governments, central ministries, state and union organizations, agencies and intelligence wings, military etc are engaged in perpetual tussles to promote their own candidates. They even shamelessly certify their nominee- agents as the real "ratnas" competent to be the number one Indian.

Behnd every player of a team there is a joint and collect labor not only in cricket or any other sport/entertainment, like film heroes/heroines,etc, that are negated and insulted by offering an award to one person who lives at others cost like Indian national parasites- but can you call them Bharatratnas?

It is atrocious that those Hindus in fields of entrancement and fake cricket joint exercises that are pampered by the regime, corporate media and other mafias insist on national awards at any cost. They say they are ready for India' top national awards for selfless services to the nation in many fields without making extra, black money. Drug addicts, drunkards and many other such people say they are the major BBharatratnas. They should ask themselves if they are competent to claim awards of national importance, just because they could manipulate other state and non-state awards and extra cash form other sources. Even Central government offers enough awards in separate categories, like sports, films, fine arts etc. These self-important people are brutally shameless, but the regime is shameless in even considering these billionaires for top awards.

Those who push their names for prestigious awards should ask themselves if they deserve it at all. Are India's most prestigious national awards are meant just for 100 plus runs or a few wickets made though "give and take" policy of cricketism or for precision gun shots in a minute? Is India a land of predictable monkeys?

Today the cricket mafias and lobbyists are very powerful and try to impose their will on the regime to do "more" on extra cash and awards, including nation's prestigious Padma awards, especially Pharatratnam for cricketers. The situation has become so alarming that cricketers, other entertainers and sport people openly canvas for Pharatratna award for one of most pampered cricketers who managed 100 plus thanks of Indian mafias and lobbyists and corporate money and influence, thereby exposing the heinous underworld trend in award decision processes in India.

Ask yourself: can a nation bestow its most prestigious awards on those who make money by entertaining m people according to a pre-plan or otherwise? Why should Indians promote false prestige of a nation that is unable to provide the people with essential commodities without making big profits? Cricket is a team game with fixed agendas and no one can make 100 plus without support from fellow batobys and bowlers. Mafias and money transfer make the batboys the so-called "centurions".

Are India's most prestigious national awards are meant just for 100 plus runs or a few wickets made though "give and take" policy of cricketism or for long jump or precision gun shots in a minute? Is India a land of predictable monkeys? Moreover, India uses all tactics to influence foreign regimes and teams to make Hindus look larger than real size.

Does India require such awards to honor fake celebrities-drunkards who have made billions by all sorts of means and use black money and are engaged in money laundering operations?

Why mother India has failed to generate genuine people for such prestigious awards and only has to first promote and pamper such mediocre as genuine stuff as it is practiced in the share market policies?

There is another mischief in the cricket world. The cricketers are interested only in blasting their run scores, team ranking, individual rankings, 100 plus, 50 plus and wickets plus catches. But they do not want to place on record the times each batsman lost his wicket and the bowler refuse to show how many runs he has offered to each batsman, and especially the number of Fours and Sixes. How many times each batsman saw his stumps scattered all over him and though many times he was run out?

But here the issue here is entirely different. It is not just about hidden money bags, fake degrees, bogus medals, fictional cricket or redundant awards for campaigns but place of Indian false prestige. Maybe something else…

Indian state terrorists who are on duty on behalf of Indian terror regime are searching for routes to escape punish for their heinous crimes against humanity in their perpetual genocides of defenseless Kashmiri Muslims who are under India terror siege for decades.

The point is extremely corrupt environment offers enough scope for occupying Indian military forces to murder Kashmiris Muslims like cattle at will. The Indian nasty media with anti-Islamic mindset skillfully shield Indian state terrorism in Kashmir and also call the Muslim victims in Kashmir as the "terrorists". Similarly, Indian Muslims are are forced to face the brunt of Indian collective brutality.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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