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OPINION: Indian Independence in Tears!

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Superior complex could ruin a nation and it is indeed pathetic with regard to India! Perhaps, for the first time since India got freedom from UK in August 1947 and it then quickly invaded and occupied its neighbor Jammu Kashmir that India celebrates its 65th independence day this year in tears. Not because India has realized its guilt in massacres of Muslims in occupied Jammu Kashmir – not at all, because India still glorifies state terrorism in JK and considers its birth right to kill Muslims in its vicinities purely on the strength of its terrocratic power, even as the Zionist regime killing defenseless Palestinians and western NATO terrocracies slaughtering Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere!

And, India is unbearably sad, not because, India is deadly worried about the plight of nation's poor that is being crushed by all new policies of the pro-corporate Sonia-Manmohan regime, making poor poorer while the rich is officially promoted only to protect the regime in return.

And certainly not because the awful inflation, ever-rising prices of essential commodities controlled by the market mafias and shielded by the regime, have annoyed the Indian rulers, politicians and bureaucrats in any way. They people will have to choose only amongst the available politicians who are extra corrupt with criminal records- from lowest level to highest Presidential level.

That is Indian fate and mostly it's pitiful destiny too!

India is in tears primarily because it has lost in cricketism series as well as bogus ranking against UK in London where the Indian teams along with its commentators are being cooked and fried badly.

India keeps killing Muslims in JK and UK promotes Indian state terrorism for colonial reasons. By "gloriously", thrashing an "unstoppable" India, England claimed the “number one rank” in the ICC Test championship table for the first time in 32 years following a crushing win by an innings and 242 runs over India in the third match at Edgbaston on 13th August Saturday. Andrew Strauss's side had started the series in third position behind South Africa and trailing top-ranked India by eight ratings points.

Having had fictitious wins in world cup and IPL gimmicks when all the so-called top cricketers play for the promotion of India's false prestige in cricketism, India expected another set of "glorious" wins in UK as well. After all, UK shields all Indian crimes against humanity by continuously slaughtering defenseless Muslims in Kashmir.

Obviously, an over-confident India took England as an easy target as Pakistan, Bangladesh (Indiradesh?) or Kashmir, and it has for the first time tasted bitter sweet right at their masters' home, London. To go to the top of table England needed to win the series by a 2-0 margin or better but England has already made 3-0 and gearing up towards Indo-whitewash of 4-0. England are unbeaten in the Tests since May 2009. They beat West Indies (2-0 at home), Australia (2-1 home), Bangladesh (2-0 away), Bangladesh (2-0 home), Pakistan (3-1 home), Australia (3-1 away), (Sri Lanka (1-0 home) and now lead India 3-0 (home).

India has taken its prerogative to keep the number one rank for life and when they somehow managed the show in ODI World Cup and the purely made-in-India IPL where Indian mafia got what India wanted for m foreign cricketers arranged on extra payment, the Indian false ambition for permanent top slot got further fixed. England accomplished its mission in great style, winning the first Test at Lord's by 196 runs, and then followed it with a convincing 319 runs victory at Trent Bridge before sealing the series. England had last surged to the top of the Test rankings in February 1979 when the then number-one ranked West Indies lost a six-Test series in India by 1-0. (India caught hold of a former Australian cricket fraud Shane Warne to say that England would make 1-0 that would help keep India retain the rank one in Test)

Bulk of former Indian cricketers, who were the beneficiaries of “give and take” policy of cricketism and made India fakely proud, feel had the matches been “done” in India, Indian cricket mafia could have manipulated a “fantastic” for India. They now at long last say Indian team is an average one. Sri Lanka and South Africa contributed greatly in making Indian the “rank holder” in test. Now India is far behind Australia and Sri Lanka. However, India is too glad that Pakistan, which has already been successfully fixed India by terrorism and cricketism, is nowhere near it and is the only consolation for India.

English bowler Swann had said that Sachin Tendulkar, the most pampered and the most ambitious Indian on earth openly claiming the post of India's highest awards meant for extra ordinary person Bharat Ratna for his "skills and rankings and records", would not get his last 100 plus in the series. Now in the test-3 moving towards England win by an innings and whopping runs, by tightening the noose over India,

Many cricketers are unjustly denied their right to play for India. In order to make the regime offer the top most national award to a pampered cricketer Sachin, Indian corporate media lords and politicians created a larger than size image of this main beneficiary of the secret official match-fixing in a sustained manner. And Tendulkar thought he could fool mother India.

An Indian commentary on Test-3: Swann to Dhoni, out Tendulkar Run Out!! This wicket sums up India's horror tour so far. Tendulkar who was looking so good in this innings has backed up too far and is caught short. It was driven straight back to Swann who deflected it onto the stumps, Tendulkar's bat was on the line, he turned around to place it in, but his stretch wasn't good enough. Tendulkar can't believe it and walks off to a standing ovation from the Edgbaston crowd. Tendulkar run out (by Swann) 40(60)". Superb from the crowd to give a fallen Tendulkar a huge applause.

Indian media, corporate cricket mafias and advertisement endorsement agencies are the worst hit by poor Sachin's repeated falls as Indian gods and goddesses refuse to campaign for Indian cricketism and India's only fake gem.

Indian cricket commentators who are specialized in increasing false passion among frenzied Indians are so upset and one has to wait and see if any of them quit their job, let alone committing suicide citing pathetic nonperformance of Team India. They say that less said about the Indian batting the better. "Nothing has gone right for them here and it will be just a matter of time before they surrender their top spot to England. We will be back shortly to see the final rites of this test of what has been a top notch performance from the England side. Don't have a big lunch, for the test could get over before you could finish it.England are 4 wickets away from becoming the new No. 1 in tests. What a performance on a flat wicket by the English bowlers. When they are bowling it suddenly looks a different wicket altogether. The ball is swinging, seaming, spinning and doing all kinds of things. Anderson was the star taking three big wickets before Swann got his share by dismissing Raina and then running out Tendulakar..." They cry in London so loudly that Indian leaders and bureaucrats in New Delhi also could hear them and also cry, maybe symbolically, soberly.

After decades of playing and commenting on cricket, now the India commentators, terribly frustrated by the pathetic existence and performance of Indian team, have come to conclusion that if bowlers decide they could restrict the opponent scores and deny any 100 plus to any one. Because of the "give and take" and exchange policy of cricketers, bowlers offer sumptuous runs to the opponent bat-boys to enable their own bat-boys, including themselves, when they come to bat, get similar favors in return. More over each bowler think he must take a wicket even by offering 38 runs in a over. Is it cricket or wicket?

They write on 12 August upon Cook getting his 200plus as a free gift from India which refuses similar gestures to Sri Lanka or Australia. or Bangladesh: "England have slowly pushed the lead even as the Indians bowled a lot better today. They kept the boundaries to a minimum and concentrated on a line and a length..."

Cricket fixing magic is not at all working in favor of poor Tendulkar now. Maharashtra Assembly which passed a resolution in complete disregardful of basic ethics must now apologize to the people of Mumbai and Indian. India Parliament which is now in session joking about extra price rise, while promoting crony capitalism in the country through the planted IMF boy Manmohan Singh, should pas a resolution asking the states not to recommend any boys for Indian national awards. All are rogues, thieves, criminals, etc.

Cricket is fake, while Test is extra fake but how many Tests does India require to play at time? What was the actual agenda of Indian in playing 4 tests?

So at long last, Sachin Tendulkar is already finally OUT and now finally RUN OUT in London very close to the Wax Museum. Can a Bharat Ratna be a RUN-Out, or stumped or LBW? A drunkard-billionaire? An top entertainer? A fake celebrity? An international fraud?
Not only Tendulkar, but very India that pampered him as the superman has lost its face and credibility. And IPL has lost its ability to influence the other cricketers even on payment basis. India must give up its arrogance in shielding cricket gimmicks.

Indians falsely boost its economic growth with bogus increases, while bulks of Indian populations are starving. Value of Indian currency keeps falling. Share marketers and real estate mafias are helping to increase the prices of essentials.

Indian regime under a joint leadership is grooming rampant corruption and state terrorism and Manmohan Singh as an important agent of World Bank and IMF, in order to stay in power, is efficiently shielding all corrupt ministers, bureaucrats as well as opposition leaders with similar corruption-crime records.

Since Indian premier has historically been a promoter of corrupt corporate gangs that willingly finance the elections and marriages of Indian political families, and a terror leader killing Muslims in India and Jammu Kashmir, the political class tries to shield the guilty premiers by merely enacting a joint drama in Parliament. This approach explains why Indian politicians, especially the ruling Congress Party that promotes rampant corruption, do not want to include the Prime Minister in the proposed Lokpal Bill seeking to control corruption at national level.

Not only corruption and state terrorism are legitimized in India but also appreciated in the west which India considers a boon to promote corporate rule in the country through market mafias.
Anti-Islamic terrorism is a common agenda of all anti-Islamic nations, including UK and India and New Delhi expected England to continue to help India in cricketism even in UK chiefly because India claims to be a top terror victim. But England refused to buy Indian terror victim syndrome at extra cost.

Possibly, India had expected a positive support from UK on the eve of Indian independence celebrations as the former masters stand by Indian state terrorism in JK, but England has shown it can play its own "game" independently and indirectly warmed New Delhi not to confuse the issues like terrorism and cricketism.

Promotion of colonialism and crony capitalism are the mainstay of current UPA regime led by Manmohan Singh-Sonia and politicians share the corruption booty. Maybe, even as levels of corruption, black-money, inflation and price rise have been on the high, the fall of an arrogant, insensitive, but innocent looking, terror India has just begun! It could silence the Kashmir Muslims by brutality but it cannot do that in proper India where people are on the streets to end the corruption and corrupt regime!

Grand Babri Mosque, the target of right-wing Hindu terrorists, still lies in shatters and Indian regime has not yet fulfilled its pledge giver-en to people and world at large to rebuild the Mosque. The status of Muslims, as the direct consequence of prolonged state cum media campaign, is reduced now to that of vote bank. Indian state is working against its own Muslims as a policy. Simply by showcasing its terror power on the day of Independence, Indians cannot hide the dark side of the spoiled nation!

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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