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Madhya Pradesh CM asks Commissioners to go on field visits for 5 days & Collectors for 3 days

By Pervez Bari

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan has exhorted the commissioners and collectors to be result-oriented for altering development scenario in the state. He asked them to set up a special cell in their respective divisional and district headquarters for speedy disposal of applications, forwarded by the ministers.

Addressing the valedictory session of the two-day conference of commissioners and collectors here today, Mr. Chouhan asked the commissioners to go on field visits at least for five days and collectors for three days outside their respective headquarters. They should visit hospitals, schools, jails, hostels, Ashram schools, PDS shops, Anganwadi centres, and Gram Panchayat headquarters to first-hand information about their functioning.

Mr. Chouhan asked the collectors to make preparations for celebrating Public Service Day on September 25 and organize Antyodaya Melas. He said that streamlining the public distribution system is one of the top priorities. Besides, adequate arrangements for procurement of Kharif and Rabi crops should also be made in advance.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan has instructed the collectors to strictly deal with those responsible for leakages in public distribution system. Field level vigilance can put an effective check corrupt practices, he added. He asked them to conduct sudden inspections of PDS shops and take action without any hesitation against the accused persons involved in black-marketing of foodgrains and kerosene.

Addressing commissioners and collectors on the second day of the conference here, Mr. Chouhan said that the officials protecting the interest of the poor would be protected by the government. None would be allowed to violate the rights of the poor. He said that the state government has launched a scheme of providing wheat at the rate of Rs. three per kg to the needy poor families through public distribution system. Subsidized ration is being provided through food coupon scheme. He said that UID based food coupon could effectively check the black-marketing of foodgrains meant for the poor. He instructed the collectors to ensure that information about this reaches out to the needy families using the forum of Gram Sabha.

The Chief Minister informed the collectors that forest protection committees would be given responsibility of foodgrain distribution in the remote tribal pockets. He said that PDS shops would soon become multi-purpose shops in which commodities other than subsidized ones would be available so that those managing the PDS shops earn honestly and are discouraged to do malpractices. He asked the collectors to remain vigilant about the misuse of the scheme of advance lifting of foodgrain.

Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan observed that the arrangement of GPS tracking is a foolproof system. He declared that this system would also be introduced in the existing public distribution system in order to improve it.

Chief Secretary Avani Vaish said that use of biometric food coupons would ensure that only deserving families get foodgrains they are entitled to. He informed that the BPL families in whose name ration cards would be issued would be identified as Antyodaya Parivar printed on their houses.

It was informed that the state has 78.89 lakh APL families, 53.48 lakh BPL and 15.81 lakh AAY families. The pockets where families demand maize would soon have maize. Salient features and uniqueness about Integrated Information System for Foodgrains Management and Rapid Reporting Services software were shared with the collectors. This would give online information about volume stored and distributed.

Meanwhile, the second day of the collectors and commissioners' conference began here with the collectors apprising themselves of the good works which surfaced following innovations made by the collectors of Anuppur, Harda, Tikamgarh and Singarauli in their respective districts. Following the presentation on special innovative works made by the collectors of aforesaid districts, prompted the Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan to advise the collectors of other districts to follow these works in their respective districts too. On this occasion, over a dozen ministers of the state cabinet, Principal Secretaries of all the departments and senior officers were present.

Your Bank At Your Doorstep: On this occasion, collector Anuppur gave a presentation on an innovative arrangement 'your bank at your doorstep' introduced in the district to ensure a prompt and transparent system to make the payment of wages to the workers engaged in the works of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). On the lines of this arrangement, mobile banking system has also been introduced at Khalawa predominantly tribal area. In the conference, the Chief Minister talked to the CEO of Khalawa Janpad Panchayat through a video-conferencing seeking details of the scheme and enquired about the facility being provided to the people over there.

Mobile banking system in one block of every district from September 25: It was an outcome of the enthusiasm of the Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan that he instantly directed all the collectors to introduce mobile banking arrangement at least in one block of their respective districts under all circumstances from September 25. He further said that initially arrangement of mobile banking has been introduced through the cooperative banks but in future nationalised banks would also be associated with this service.

CM praises Innovative Approach: The Chief Minister Mr. houhan was all-praise for the innovations made in acquisition of land in Singarauli district. He told the collectors that they must ensure that the land is not to be acquired at lesser rates than the prevalent market rates.
Wheat Procurement Through SMS Alert in Harda: During the conference a presentation was made on procurement of wheat through SMS alert in Harda district during the last Rabi season. After the presentation, the Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan said that he himself had gone to Harda Mandi to see the impact of this arrangement. He said that the farmers were happy with this arrangement and even he did not receive any complaint with regard to mismanagement in procurement of wheat on support price.

Mr. Chouhan said that keeping in view the possibility of increase in wheat production, the State Government has taken a decision to further strengthen the procurement arrangements. A five member cabinet sub-committee has been constituted for this purpose. All the collectors should send their suggestions with regard to procurement necessarily within a week, he added.

GPS Tracking Of Kerosene In Tikamgarh District: The Collector Tikamgarh gave a presentation on his innovations in GPS tracking of kerosene tankers. Through this arrangement, thefts, black-marketing and other irregularities in respect of kerosene are constantly monitored. Also, all the movements of the route of kerosene laden trucks are constantly checked with the help of GPS device. This arrangement has yielded encouraging results.

[Pervez Bari is a Journalist based at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He can be contacted at pervezbari@eth.net]

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