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The epitaph of 'Muslim India'

By Syed Zubair Ahmad

The epitaph of a Muslim research and documentation journal reads: “The well known monthly journal of Research, Documentation and Reference ‘Muslim India’ has been ceased publication but is available in-bound Annual Volumes beginning from January 1983 and ending with December 2009, with a gap for 1984 & for 2003 to 2006.(up to June). Muslim India as a source of accurate and authentic information on various aspects of Muslim India during the last quarter of 20th century, is a unique and invaluable publication for university teachers and research scholars.” (Milli Gazette 1-15 August 2011).

This priceless research reference and documentation journal was on life support system from a long time, finally after suffering many severe attacks it died two years back. After going through the above news ,I went to the office the late journal for condolence, to my surprise one staff of the journal informed me that he was calling to the offices of Muslim organizations/ institutes to take them free but they are not turning up to take them even for free.

For me this is not the epitaph of ‘Muslim India’ rather this is the epitaph on ‘Indian Muslims’ or on larger scenario this may be called the epitaph of the ‘Muslim World’ which was in scripted many centuries ago. The death of this journal is only reminds us for our insensitivity and negligence.

As far as my knowledge is concerned ’Muslim India’ was the only journal of research, documentation and reference on Muslim issues in India. A segment of Indian Muslims are off course well off, but they don’t have time or money to buy and read magazines or journals on Muslim issues. They don’t have even time to think as a Muslim. Their time and money is spent on useless habit and hobbies. Hindu industrialists are taking over Urdu news papers and insightful magazines and newspapers like Milli Gazette, Radiance Viewsweekly, Islamic Voice, Young Muslim Digest, Afkar e Milli, and Dawat etc are either not doing well or suffering financially.

I have visited few Gulf nations. Forget about hotels like the word ‘vision’ they don’t have even common wisdom or common sense. Yes they have sky scrapers like Faisaliah Towers, Kingdom Towers, Burj Dubai, Burj Khalifa, and seven stars super luxury Hotels Atlantis Hotel, Al-Faisaliah hotel etc but they don’t have research institutes, libraries, or even research journals. Yes, their streets are jammed with luxurious cars; their shopping malls are flooded with American cosmetics, British clothes, Italian shoes, Swiss watches, French perfumes, etc. and their book shops could be seen full with glorious magazines on beauty and health care, swimming, car driving and interior designs etc.

Now compare this with Zionists and western imperialist forces. There are hundreds of news papers, magazines, news agencies, film and television production companies which are dedicated for the cause of Zionism and neo-imperialism. There are hundreds of magazines and research journals which are published from America itself focusing on Muslim world, Arab World and Middle East, namely Arab world studies, Middle East Studies, Arab world Journal Middle East Journal etc. Most of their universities have the department of Arab world studies, Middle East studies Muslim world studies.

There are hundreds of secret societies, think tanks, research institutes, organizations, special foundations, interests groups, legal associations, training institutes, laboratories, financial and commercial institutes, universities, banks, and media houses which were founded and are funded by Zionists and their allies. A list of such would require a voluminous book. These organizations basically plan executes and control U.S policies through which they try to control and dominate the world – politically, financially, socially, militarily and culturally.

Syed Shahabuddin
Ideas rule, ideologies prevail, thoughts motivate, and vision plays the role of the agent for change. First the mind set changes then change the situations. Revolution of mind is the sign of physical revolution. Vision and wisdom make a nation meaningful on the stage of the world.

But as far as the Muslim world is concerned , the future historians will write that there was a nation which was created on the basis of a divine ideology , was running after each and every Jack and Jill. A nation that was gifted with the best natural resources of the world to spread that divine ideology became so mean and meaningless on the stage of the world.

There are not only American and Jews experts and think tanks on Gulf States, Gulf nations and Gulf rulers sitting in Washington London, Paris and Tel Aviv but there are hundreds of dedicated research organizations which are working separately on all prominent and influential personalities of Muslim world round the clock. They keep a close eye on each and every move of them. They know well their area of interests, their likes and dislikes, their choice of foods clothes etc and even their bed room activities. No wonder most of the authentic research works on influential Muslim personalities, Muslim organizations, Islamic movements and even Muslim sects like Wahabi, Deobandi, and Barelvi etc have been done by experts and institutions based in Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv.

How the Indian Muslims were marginalized politically and economically no one try to know the reason. How the Muslims are culturally assimilated by Hindu culture no one needs to think over it. What are the nefarious designs of Hindutva brigade no one tries to know that? From Babri Masjid to Batla House, form anti Muslim riots to bomb blasts there are series of conspiracies but even the elite Muslims are sleeping to their glory.
The Islamic world has suffered big tremors and many shocking incidents over the years but no one tried to know the reasons behind them as well as their impact. In the heart of Arab world cancerous tumor of Israel sprang up and no one bothered to investigate how it could be possible. Two Gulf wars were fought but no one bothered to look into the reasons. Jews and Neo-Cons entered Arabian Peninsula but no one was ready to investigate or even think about any global anti-Islamic conspiracy involved. Zionist-sponsored and American-implemented conspiracies are so shrewd, deep, far reaching, and all encompassing multi-functional and multi-dimensional that could ‘shake the mountains’ as mentioned in Holy Quran. But the followers of the same Holy Quran don’t have time to think over those conspiracies!.

The closure of one of the most important research and documentationjournal shows that the Muslim world is a world without vision.

[Syed Zubair Ahmad is a Writer & Journalist. He can be reached at smzubairahmad@gmail.com]

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