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23 August 2011

Association of Indian Muslims of America announces support to Anna Hazare’s Campaign against Corruption

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IMO News Service

Washington DC: The Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM), an NGO of Indian Muslims who live in North America, has announced its support for the current camapign against corruption and influence peddling in the government in India. The Association spokesperson Kaleem Kawaja said that it is very regrettable that in the last 20 years while much economic improvement has taken place in India, corruption in high places in the central government in New Delhi and in the states, has mushroomed manifold.

Corruption and bribery are now not only instituionalized but the central government and its cognizant organs are refusing to take any action against it. No less than ministers in the central government are openly giving away contracts to multinational corporations who give them huge kickback bribes at throw away low prices. And the Prime Minister declines to take action against them and declines to accept responsibility for it.

Kaleem Kawaja
This massive corruption has greatly increased the gap between the rich and poor Indians; fully 40 percent of Indians are now living below poverty line, many in grinding poverty in awful slums in most cities.

In this background Anna Hazare's campaign to institute a strict and no holds barred Lok Pal bill through the parliament, that covers all elements of the government at high levels and eradicates corruption and bribery, is the need of the hour for the Indian nation. We the Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM) who represent a large number of Indian-American Muslims enthusiastically support the Anna Hazare campaign. We also urge Muslim groups in India to support this campaign fully.

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