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27 July 2011

'Term for every Cricket player at international level be stipulated by India, other nations'

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[India as well as other nations must stipulate the term for every cricket player at international level and something like 5 years should be the maximum limit. Lifelong and unlimited period offered, like 100 plus or 400 plus offered to batboys by bowlers, looks ridiculous for any nation that cares for all citizens. If anyone claims to be an asset or a specialist, he should be made a coach.]

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

India and England have just played out the test-1 for all allotted 5 days ending on 25th July at Lords London without seeking for a draw and without any interference from rain gods and goddesses. And India lost the test, though it also manage dot get a 100 plus and a couple of 50 plus and a 5wicket haul.

Yes, the 2000th Test at Lord's - and Indo-UK 200th- goes to England! This is England's first Test win against India in 5 years. Performance was brilliance from England, although they prolonged the match for too long to make the test occupy all 5 days before they finally dealt the final blow to India. The English boys were put in to bat under overcast conditions but they responded in style with 478, largely thanks to Petersen’s double ton.(but in his second innings Petersen did not show any interest and returned to pavilion immediately with a "duck". However, the highlight was Dhoni’s bowling which is fresh and brisk, unlike others who take long time in delivering balls; they either run left and right of the wicket and swing their bowling hand twice or run a couple of kilometers followed by a high jump before throwing a fast ball. However, Dhoni did not bowl more than a couple of overs. After all, it is test where this sort of experiment could even be productive and entertaining without any worry for overs. .

England has clinched the Test-1 in London's Lords, convincingly containing all India efforts and pure gimmicks to somehow outsmart the hosts even after enjoying hard liquor and cocktail parties all over in London last few days. English boys have taken all precautions not to let Indian boys wage its long tails in London. Generally India shows long faces if the opponents like Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka or Pakistan, bent upon winning any matches and tries to request- rather beg - telling them to understand India's terror victim syndromes and help accordingly. Indian regime, corporate heroes and their mafias go all out to force other teams to let Indian win.

It is, therefore, really awesome now to hear some fanatic Indian cricket commentators officially admitting Indian team to be much inferior to England team in every department.The Indian Cricket Board's insistence on not having the LBWs covered under the Decision Review System has worked against India itself, although the umpires openly bat for India by refusing to declare OUT even when the LBW is clear. To have a halfway house, mish-mash of a decision review system in this series has been driven by India and frankly it's confusing and pathetic.

Hating all other teams that are treats to Indian cricketism, India and its media at times supported colonial England when it played against Australia, Bangladesh or Pakistan and Indians are so used to promoting UK interests in exchange for favors ( and not because Indians love English boys) that it is now impossible for Indian team to force England to part with any of the Tests or ODIs or 20/20 or post series matches, if any..

Indo-UK also continues with "give and take" policy of cricketism, sharing according to some formula the runs and wickets but India could not bully UK as it does with other nations. Cameron has developed "phone" problems and he would not listen to another innocent looking Manmohan from New Delhi. So, frantic phone calls from New Delhi or Mumbai, unfortunately, would not be attended to in London. Nor would Indian ambassador in London can contact UK government directly or through lobbyists/mafias.

However, English bowler Swann, who according to ICC is supposedly world's top most bowler and also known for getting early wickets without offering runs, is now trying to relearn bowling by offering quick runs to Indians without targeting the stumps or seeking wickets.

But Indians, who live comfortably in UK streets or in Indian bungalows, would like to see that England - and not India - is the Lord's exterminators and the winner of test-1 and future others. After all, India exists as a colonial power with enormous terror goods to its credit, thanks mainly to UK support!

In the last world cup in India, played as a gift to India to send off Sachin Tendulakar (but he continues to play and coercing the Indian regime all ministries including Home, and President of India, who is also from Mumbai, to confer him India’s top civilian award Bharat Ratna) India was the most favorites of all cricket teams and top cricketers enabling India to manage the "cup", but now in UK, England is India's favorites.

All the talk was about Sachin's 100th Ton when India batted both times, and Indian as usual, naively, thought Sachuin could just hit even 300 plus, not knowing that unless the bowlers show sympathy or mercy, no one can ever dream of a hundred plus. Sachin did not get support either form his campaigns and the bowlers targeted him. It is time Tendulakar called it a day on his own without expecting the BCCI or government or others to demand it because youngsters are in big queues to play international games and he and others are blocking their entry badly, just like Israeli blockades terrorizing defenseless Palestinians. After all Sachuin must have earned huge sums even though there were no raids in his residences.

India as well as other nations must stipulate the term for every cricket player at international level and something like 5 years should be the maximum limit. Lifelong and unlimited period offered, like 100 plus or 400 plus offered to batboys by bowlers, looks ridiculous for any nation that cares for all citizens. If anyone claims to be an asset or a specialist, he should be made a coach.

For Indian media, especially the TV channels, Test-1 at Lords is not news now. Had India won it by fluke or “arrangement” the TV channels would have blasted the “breaking news” for days almost 24 hours. Anyone who wanted to know the Lords result could not find any answer in the TVs, nor were there any semi blasts all around India indicating India win. Now there is total silence and streets are peaceful, thanks to English boys.

Indians with terror instincts use semi-explosives to celebrate any victory and use full explosives in Indian towns like Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. Indian state promotes every type of blasts as a technique to take “revenge” on Pakistan and Muslims in the country. . . .

Let this peace survive!

Indian streets require peace – and not terror blasts!

England is India's proven favorites!

Any questions?

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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