Published On:20 July 2011
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Saudi Arabia and Egypt to bridge the Gulf of Aqaba

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Unity among Muslims and among Arab nations is the chief cause for the bloodthirsty onward march of anti-Islamic fascist terror forces led by USA-UK terror twins. The Sunni-Shii'a divide is felt more strongly in Arab world than elsewhere which has been a boon Israel and its western sponsor terrocracies. The Zionist terror impact is being felt in Palestine in terms of massacres and destructions.

Even as the NATO terror war in Mideast, especially epicentered in sovereign Libya, continues unabated, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are planning to construct a giant bridge, the project under discussion since 1988, spanning the Gulf of Aqaba both by road and rail traffic.

CIA has destabilized the Mideast region with its “uprisings” and Egypt, Tunisia and Libya re reeling under the western fascist attacks.

The post-Mubarak interim military regime in Cairo tries to put its derailed economy back n the rails and seems to pursue all positive steps undertaken by the Mubarak regime.

For the first time since 1948, when the modern state of Israel was founded, Arab states in North Africa would have a direct road link with fellow Arab states in the Middle East without having to cross Israeli territory. It would also reduce dependence on sometimes perilous ferry crossings over the Red Sea and Arab ports on the Mediterranean.

The Gulf of Aqaba runs along the eastern edge of the Sinai Peninsula and recently Egypt has finally approved the project to "bridge the gap".The Strait of Tiran lies in international waters. This area of the Red Sea is highly important to Israel and Jordan as it provides them with access to the Indian Ocean.

Five years ago, then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak abruptly put the monster project on ice shortly before construction began in response to security concerns voiced by neighboring Israel. Maybe, the announcement is strategically timed to bolster Egypt's weak government.

Plans call for the 32-kilometer (20-mile) bridge to cross the narrow Strait of Tiran from Ras Nasrani, near the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, to Ras Hamid in northwestern Saudi Arabia. Parts of the bridge would be suspended.

The Saudi government is already ready with the construction plans. For the Arabs, the massive construction project would be a triumph. Planners believe that tolls paid by millions of Muslim pilgrims on their way to holy sites in Saudi Arabia could make up for the roughly $5 billion (€3.6) the bridge is expected to cost. They also believe the bridge will significantly increase the number of pilgrims and tourists and enhance the revenues.

Meanwhile the Europe and other are still trying to get the Zionist blockades removed by reaching aid to besieged Palestinians while the Israeli military blockades even those aid ships on Palestine waters. A lone French ship, Dignite/Al-Karama, the yacht was carrying 16 passengers, the sole vessel of an original flotilla of 10 ships aimed at breaking the naval blockade of the Hamas-held Gaza Strip, was intercepted by the Israeli Navy early 19th July Tuesday. At least three Israeli warships surrounded the vessel. The navy was likely to force the yacht to port in Ashdod as in previous cases. This incident marks the end of a month-long effort by pro-Palestinian activists to breach the Israeli blockade on Gaza. The flotilla fizzled after the government of Greece, at the insistence of Israel and its western fascist allies barred them from sailing from their ports while others were mysteriously damaged.

Arab nations are keeping a low profile in the international effort to bring Zionist illegal regime to justice. Tel-Aviv considers such gestures as pro-Zionist measures and exploits them to its fascist advantages. But without an independent Palestine any "bridge" measures in Mideast for advancement of financial profits might have only limited advantages and they may be not all that be useful, chiefly because a powerful Israel can always, with help from the West, breach any bridge.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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  1. I am surprised that an article from a well known ISI propagandist is being published in Indian Muslim Observer. As a Muslim, I would recommended that Ruff Cocahal is a fake person whose only job is to propagandise and write false articles. IMObserver should avoid this to continue to be a prominent site for Indian uslim news

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