Published On:28 July 2011
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Presenting Islam in Modern Times

By Our Special Correspondent

Manzar Imam with IDC chairman Mohammad Umar Gautam
With expansion of the modern means of media and communications, it has become vital for all to keep abreast of time and also transform those ideas and ideologies to target audience and intended readers.

It is not as easy though, as it sounds. Gone are the days of lengthy stories and essays that were the characteristic of old British writing. People are hard pressed for time now.

It is a difficult task to make people spare time to read someone else, says Manzar Imam, Editor of Delhi-based Islamic Da'wah Centre Newsletter (IDCN). IDCN was launched by Islamic Da'wah Centre under the supervision of its chairman Mohammad Umar Gautam in March 2011 with the objective of presenting Islam in contemporary world.

So far we have brought out five issues of IDCN and the sixth is in the process of printing, says Mr Imam who has a long experience of writing.

As against the general stereotyping of Muslims to be agents of negativity, IDC believes that Muslims are peace-loving but they are continuously misrepresented.

We believe firmly that Islam has solution to the many social problems and people are looking for peace.

The world today is in search of truth and there are large numbers of people who acknowledge the Truth of Islam but we do not have any systematic arrangement to train and educate the people about the real Truth, Umar Gautam is quoted in the first editorial of IDCN under the title Islamic Da'wah.

The 4-page Newsletter can be easily read in one sitting, says Mr Imam adding that the purpose is to reach out to non-Muslims who are either misguided by people with vested interests or do not find something which could be read in a short time.

The April editorial Justice in Islam tries to explain with the example of a story of Ali, Prophet Muhammad's son-in-law and fourth caliph of Islam that justice should be dispassionate and no personal anger should trigger one to exact revenge. It further says that "Injustice not only leads to disturbance, it also creates imbalance and widens the inequality gap between the rich and the poor, mighty and the meek."

The Newsletter also covers the activities of IDC which include get together of reverts, speeches organized for Da'wah and social reform of Muslims and also English language courses conducted from time to time for products of madrasas.

For a Da'ee, writes Manzar Imam "language is learnt and spoken with the noble aim of reaching out to people to convey them the message of the Lord and to remind them that they all have been created with a purpose".

Islam is a universal religion and language should not hold Muslims back in delivering their duty as the ummah of Da'wah, observes the May issue of IDC.

We have planned to increase the number of pages after sometime. We are also making it a point that every issue carries a special theme so that some of its significant aspects are covered to a satisfactory level, says Manzar Imam, adding that the June issue dealt with the topic of Quran.

Da'wah is obligatory for Muslims and it can be done by various means, says Umar Gautam, who is also the executive editor of the Newsletter. Our aim is to bring people of different faiths to a single platform so that people understand each other and respect each others opinion. Apart from it, providing simple and easy literature is also in the scheme of our things. The publication of IDC Newsletter is just a beginning towards this end, says Mr Gautam who embraced Islam some 20 years ago.

In an era to fast growing communications, will IDC catch with the modern day demands?
"That's not our aim", says he. We do not measure success on those parameters, our effort is our success. We hope that Allah enables us to convey his message to all people because His message is for all.

With this pessimism IDC seems to be trekking the right track.

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