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Palestinians prepare for UN recognition!

Imposed in Mideast by USA-UK terror twins and tactfully shielded by the notorious UNSC-NATO terror organizations even provided with illegal nukes, the Zionist regime continues to go on rampage in illegally occupied Palestine, killing the defenseless Palestinians at will.

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Palestinians have been struggling to obtain an independent Palestine once again to live free from Zionist attacks and massacres and all the “talks” between them and the illegal Israeli occupiers have failed so far owing to the lack of sincerity on the part of the Zionist leadership as well as the western sponsors led by the unilateral USA. The USA and Israel have objected the Palestinian’s diplomatic offensive, calling instead for a resumption of direct peace negotiations.

The Palestinians will seek full membership in the world body through the General Assembly. But the USA, Israel’s ally in humanity crimes, has threatened to veto any such measure, raising procedural questions about the Palestinian campaign. Abbas acknowledged the internal obstacle of Palestinian bifurcation between Hamas in Gaza and the P.A. in the West Bank. He said, “God willing, Palestinian reconciliation will be achieved before we go to the UN.” Last month, the rotating president of the General Assembly said the body does not deal with membership issues absent an enabling resolution passed by the UNSC.

USA and its CIA-Pentagon-Mossad jointly oppose Palestine as well the sovereignty move legally though UN and, like the Jews, call Palestinians the terrorists. Palestinian diplomats gathered in Istanbul, Turkey, on 23rd July to receive marching orders for a diplomatic offensive in support of plans to seek legal recognition of statehood at the UN in September overcoming all pressure tactics of fascist Israel and its allies. Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud ‘Abbas told his assembled diplomats that the UN gambit was forced upon the Palestinians by virtue of Israel’s refusal to “end settlement building and end the occupation. In an apparent response to critics who argue that the U.N. gambit is a unilateral act proscribed by the Oslo Accords,” and is therefore “not unilateral”, but Abbas reiterated that their decision to approach the UN after such long wait is not “unilateral”.

Meanwhile, the jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti urged his people support the bid to seek United Nations recognition for a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. In a statement released from his prison cell, Barghouti called on Palestinians around the world to stage a “million-man march” during the UN debate scheduled for September. The charismatic Barghouti, who is serving a life term for his role in murderous attacks on Israelis, is widely respected among Palestinians and considered a possible presidential candidate should he be freed.

In order to protect itself from any adverse criticism of its crimes from foreign nations,the Zionist regime sends abroad exclusive Mossad agents trained in sabotages, terror operations, subversive activities, and essentially anti-Islamic as its envoys to foreign capitals to advance Israeli illegal objectives- the primary one being the sustained anti-Palestine campaign.

Zionist crimes against Palestinians and humanity seems to haunt the not only the Jewish criminals but also the fanatic American Christians now as never before who as Israeli lobbyists promote Zionist interests on payment basis. Holding their annual Washington conference, thousands of members of Christians United for Israel vowed support for the Jewish state and its leaders said they would work to maintain US aid even among Tea Party Congressmen who seek to cut international assistance. David Brog, executive director of the self-proclaimed largest Christian pro-Israel lobby, said their position represented “the soul of the Tea Party.” Israel has embraced the group, which claims 700,000 members, most with strong ties to America’s political right. Israeli terror PM B.Netanyahu addressed them via satellite saying “Israel was America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East,” while Israeli ambassador to Washington Michael Oren, in as usual fanatic tone, called them “righteous Gentiles.” TV and radio personality Glenn Beck, the event’s top draw, invoked religious themes and passionate support for Israel. Beck is planning a mass rally he is planning to hold in occupied Jerusalem on August 24 in support of Zionist fascism. That is indeed real American democracy and humanism.

UNSC seems to have given blanket approval of Zionist crimes against humanity and on that tacit approval, Israel keeps killing Palestinians and expand the illegal proliferation of settlements in Palestine.

A close ally of USA and NATO, Israel also kills defenseless Palestinians and use the corpses as a bargain chip with the Palestinian leadership over their freedom struggle for an independent Palestine state to be a full member of UN. A recent announcement by Israeli military minister Ehud Barak, former terror PM of Israel, that he had placed a hold on plans to transfer the bodies of 84 Palestinian terrorists killed in attacks on Jews has sparked outrage among Israelis who knew nothing about the plan until Barak’s announcement. Washington which claims to be crusader for the cause of freedom and democracy does not open its dirty mouth on the issue.

Officially, Israel and USA, having together operated, jointly engineering terror and subversive operations, have always projected the Gaza Strip, besieged by Israeli military blockades and terror attacks killing innocent Palestinians, as an unwanted undesirable zone of"terrorists. But Gaza is the world's fourth-most-ancient city, but Israel that indirectly occupies it by putting terror blockades and effectively controls it from outside does not permit any foreign tourists to visit the city. Blockaded by Israel and Egypt, impoverished and subject to Islamic strictures, the Gaza Strip isn’t on the itinerary of most of the world’s tourists, but that hasn’t deterred Gaza City from producing a map highlighting local "must sees" –a the brainchild of students and lecturers at the Geography Department of the city’s University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS). This was the project of their dream and aspiration.

Israel has been making strenuous efforts all along to influence all UNSC-5 rogue states and other big powers to defend their illegal occupations and crimes against humanity. Israel-China relations, which have focused on cooperation in high technology, have shown signs of widening over the last several months to encompass closer defense and security ties, and academic exchanges. Ehud Barak visited China in June, the first time in over a decade by a defense minister of Israel, which at one time sold over half a billion dollars of weapons to China annually before US squeezed Israel to halt those ties in the late 1990s. A week ago state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) reached the second stage of a competition to set up a joint venture factory in China to build executive jets with Aviation Industry Corporation of China.

For the first time Obama said in his address on May 19 that any future Israel/Palestine peace agreement should be generally based on the 1967 borders. But he has refused to further purse the issue, thereby letting his opponents to make fun of him. If Israeli fascism cannot be contained effectively, Israel should be shifted to USA or Europe that have got the capacity to withstand Israeli terror operations.

USA and European nations must withdraw from all Muslim lands, drop their support for all western installed and backed dictators and let Muslims choose their own leaders. Also Europe and the West have plenty of land, enough and more to spare for Europeans who have stolen land in Palestine and forced its own people out and to this day continue to bomb, invade and occupy their lands.

Turkey, former Ottoman empire and the most important European Muslim nation had been misused by both USA and Israel against the genuine interests of Palestinians.
Turkey and Israel thus enjoyed strong military ties for years, conducting even joint military exercises regularly under the US guidance. Like India which keeps attacking Kashmiri Muslims aimed at neutralizing, if not totally silencing Kashmiris, Zionist criminals aim at forcing the ruling Hamas party accept the Israeli occupation as destiny of Palestinians.

Relations between Turkey and Israel, however, had been nose-diving since the December 2008-January 2009 Operation Cast Lead unleashed by the Olmert regime of terrorist Israel on the eve of general poll to influence the voters to outwit the extra anti-Palestinian illegal settlers party Likud party and to favor the ruling regime for its anti-Palestine crimes. The aftermath of the Zionist attack on the Gaza Flotilla Mavi Marmara from Turkish in May, 2010, killing many freedom activists aboard, including an American. Violence broke out when Israeli naval commandos terror attacked a Turkish-flagged vessel trying to run the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip. Nine died in the skirmish which the Israelis claim was premeditated and carried out by Zionist provocateurs..

Prior to that deterioration, the relationship had been one of Israel’s most important because of Turkey’s position as a secular Muslim state. Since the Gaza Flotilla attack by Israel, there has been intense pressure on the Netanyahu government to repair the diplomatic damage with a profitable Turkey but many riled at paying the price set down by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: an apology for the battle aboard the Mavi Marmara. Israeli Netanyahu conferred with his 8-minister sub-cabinet last Sunday on the issue of whether to offer an official apology to Turkey about events of the Gaza Flotilla last year, The split in the cabinet over the issue portends a usual coalition crisis among illegal settlers. Turning up the pressure, Turkish premier Erdogan said he would visit the Gaza Strip if the Netanyahu apology is not forthcoming, but would forgo the trip if it is.

Obviously, the Flotilla Mavi Marmara has somewhat improved the pathetic conditions of Palestinians, but not much because blockades are still there to crush the Palestinians.

All crimes committed against humanity by using enormous terror goods, including drones and cluster bombs, killing innocent defenseless Palestinians, illegal manipulations in UN and immoral manoeuvrings to shield everywhere Israel has done so far and would do in future have not made Israel any safe.

Israel seems to be moving towards compromise formula with an official apology to Turkey for its crimes against the Mavi Marmara without directly apologizing for its civilizational crimes against humanity.

An apology from Israel, a global perpetrator of state terrorism, is not enough at all. Israeli criminals must be brought to justice and Israel must move out of Mideast to more secure regions elsewhere, preferably pro-Zionist countries like USA, UK or to Europe proper. Only in that way, Israel would be safe and Mideast would be peaceful.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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