Published On:12 July 2011
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OPINION: Crimes against women; who will bell the cat

By Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi

In my childhood, I had been reading a story of rat and cat. A great Urdu writer Ismail Merathi had written a full story entitled "who will bell the cat" in his famous Urdu book for children.

In short, rats had called a conference to discuss on the atrocities of cat and its continuing attacks on them, as well as, what the preparations to be made to prevent themselves from the clutch of the cat. During that conference various suggestions and opinions discussed. At final, all rats expressed their approval over belling the cat, and said that when cats will come, the rats will be aware because of the sounds of bell, thus they will protect themselves. Now, it was the question who will bell the cat, the discussion was continuing and entire rats were thinking on that angel, in the meantime, cat appears at the same place where rats hade assembled, seeing the cat entire rats flee from the site and thus this conference fails in delivering results. Since then the point is who will bell the cat?

I am forced to give above reference because it seems that entire country, particularly Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have been occupied by rapists, eve-teasers and kidnappers of women and girls. All efforts have taken by police seem not enough to protect women and girls from bad eggs.

Everyone is screaming that rape cases are on rise. Politicians, Rights activists, media, police and government everyone is expressing his disappointment over security of women and girls. Pressure is mounting on police for the failure and increasing the security for women and girls.

The Commissioner of Delhi Police B. K. Gupta advises women and girls for not walking down the road in the night alone, if they want to come out from their homes in odd hours so they should be accompanied by their brothers, drivers etc.

Various rights activists condemned his statements and said that it is the onus of police to provide security to everyone. Delhi Police commissioner says that "I can't go and guard every home."

In last few weeks, UP also witnessed a large number of rape cases. Maharashtra government says that it is going to make rape a none-bailable offence. Mayawati government is also considering in speedy trail and strength laws to prevent such sexual harassment of women and girls.

Delhi police feels happiness that the rate of rape cases declined this year, as well as, Delhi is safe city for women than any other city.

Interestingly, everyone is discussing on rapes and declining and rising of rates of rapes in the capital or in other cities of the country. Even women organizations and women rights activists too are discussing on same way, but nobody is discussing that why crimes are on rise. It is not a point that how much rape cases recorded in one day, or who rapists are; as Police Commissioner B. K. Gupta says that in most cases the victims and the accused were known to each other. The point is why crime particularly crime against women and girls is on rise. In some cases police personals involvement was found.

I agree with the idea of Police commissioner that providing security to everyone and every home is not possible. Police, however, can increase their vigilance and patrolling and take some other steps ensuring the safety of women and girls not only in the capital but also in entire country. In spite of, it could not be said that women will be safe from the bad eggs of the society.

I am living in Saudi Arabia since last six years. During these long periods I never saw the spate of rape cases across the Saudi Arabia as everyone experiences in India within 24 hours. It is not that Saudi society is free from a single rape case. No, some rape cases had taken place but these cases are a few, when it happened, rapists given capital punishment without expressing any mercy toward them.

What happens in India that Indian society shows mercy toward victims and toward rapists too. This society still have not decided that which kind of stern punishment must be awarded to rapists; if a class appeals for strongest action so the other one opposes any capital punishment to the perpetrators.

Beside it, it is also very essential to search the root leads to the rape or forces youths to land in this heinous crime.

The tragedy of this society is that various crimes have been legalized. Scores of actions called legal calling society is advancing, or the country is developing or women, girls and boys are breaking barriers.

The most tragic angle of this society is the denial of conceding facts and ignoring the causes leading to rape or other crimes in society.

Eventually, police patrolling and using new technologies in keeping eye on crimes and criminals are a satisfactory step; however, relying only on these tools and ignoring roots and causes will make the efforts fruitless. The most failure of police and other institutions in eliminating the crimes is their wasting of time in arresting culprits and not taking hard actions against the sources which are making youths and law enforcers a criminal.

A speedy trail and capital punishment (such as death by stoning) are very essential in rape cases as well as monitoring and prohibiting films, serials, books, porn sites, use of wine that provoke their sexual desires and dress code for girls and women are also very must, essential and advantageous in eliminating and breaking the back of crimes and criminals.

At last, the question is, is this society ready for that? Will human rights activists allow the police and security enforcers to implement it? So; let us see what happens in future and wait who will bell the cat?

[Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi is based at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted at ahannan111@yahoo.in or on his Mobile # +966 (0) 546411482]

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