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OPINION: Bomb Blasts, Media and Indian Muslims

By Syed Zubair Ahmad

After each and every crime which is committed anywhere in world the prime concern of investigative agencies and police departments are to know the 'motive' of the crime, and this ‘motive’ leads them to nab the real culprits. But in the case of bomb blasts which occur on Indian soil, the culprits are known to investigative agencies, police department, national media and politicians well in advance or just after few minutes of the incidents. Those culprits, they believe, belong to the outfits which bear Muslim or Arabic names. It begins from SIMI (Students Islamic Movements of India), IM (Indian Mujahedeen), HUJI (Harkat ul Jihad e Islami), LET (Lashkar e Toeba), and via ISI it reaches to Al-Qaeda and Taliban. And the case is solved within hours. The fact of the matter is that except 1993 Mumbai, and 1998 Coimbatore bomb blasts there had been no convictions of Muslim youths involved in any bomb blast. And those two blasts happened after anti Muslim rights in which hundreds of innocent Muslims were massacred in cold blood. This is what we call Muslim Phobia. And it not only suits many but it pays well too. This angle of story suits Suffronite politicians more than most who want to gain the most of such situations. It also suits investigative agencies to cover up their inefficiencies. And lastly it pays our national comical news channels very well that are notorious in sensationalizing such sensitive news to increase their TRP.

The ban on SIMI had been rejected by tribunal of Delhi high court headed by Justice Gita Mittal on the ground that there was no proof against the banned organization (Agencies.8 Apr, 2010). But lifting the ban from SIMI did not suit to the central government and it took ‘stay order’ overnight from the Supreme Court. Most of its members were released by courts due to lack of evidence after spending 5-8 years behind bars. Here I would like to give only one example of this sort. After Jaipur bomb blast on 13 May 2008, Rashid Hussain, a software engineer employed in Infosys Jaipur, was picked up by Rajasthan police and after seven days of interrogation he was released on May 19, 2008. When he goes back to resume his job he was told to take rest and after few weeks he was informed through a mail that he had been fired from Infosys. He took the matter to the court, on 14 April 2011, the court ordered Infosys to reinstate Rashid Hussain and give him full compensation (The Hindu 14 April 2011) .Infosys moved to the High Court and Rashid Hussain is running from post to pillar to save his career.

Although some SIMI members were found to be involved in illegal activities but no one was convicted for the involvement in terrorist activities yet. This organization was banned following 9/11 conspiracy by the then Islamophobic BJP government. It’s also a fact that this organization which was formed in Apr 25, 1977, was never blamed for terrorism until the BJP government came to power. Of course some of its member turned extremists only after the Demolition of Babri Masjid.

Interestingly Osama Bin Laden was never named as suspect officially by FBI for 9/11calamity. It was only a political blame game.’ The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has stated that it only believed that the plot was hatched in Afghanistan and implemented in Germany and the United Arab Emirates. There is little evidence to show that Osama bin Laden was the hands-on commander he was portrayed to be by the U.S. administration’. (Frontline, May 21-June 03).

Indian Mujahedeen is an organization based on internet. I live nearby Batla House, I know how its ‘super sleeper sell’ was busted out by Delhi Police on 19 Sep 2008, where students were killed ruthlessly. The postmortem reports as well as forensic reports of the two suspected Indian Mujahedeen militants killed in the encounter have already proved that they were killed before few days of encounter and eight out of 10 bullet entry wounds on the body of Atif are on the back side, in the region below the shoulders and at the back of the chest, which point to the fact that he was repeatedly shot from behind’(TOI,20/03/10).The other boy who was killed in that fake encounter was Sajid who came to Delhi few months before the encounter and got enrolled in an English speaking course. This is the reality of the ‘super sleeper sell’ of IM which is well known to the people of the locality.

According to intelligence agencies ‘HUJI’ is a Bangladesh based outfit while LeT mainly operates in Kashmir. Now Harkatul Anasar etc are not mentioned in media and thanks to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, for having declared that Al-Qaeda does not exist in India.

Now look at thriving Hindu terror outfits. Swami Asimanand, had all ready confessed the involvements of Hindu Terror outfits in many sophisticated serial blasts like Malegaon, Hyderabad, Ajmer and Samjhauta Express, in which hundreds of people, mostly Muslims had been killed. After the exposure of the Abhinav Bharat and the Goa-based Sanathan Sanstha' it is no longer possible to deny that ‘Hindutva terrorism’ is a reality. Both the Abhinav Bharat and the Sanathan Sanstha expound a militaristic Hindutva spewing hatred against Muslims. More disturbing is the fact that these outfits are directly linked to the R.S.S. which has a national presence with hundreds of thousands of active members and which is known for its extremist views regarding Muslims. No need to mention the relationship between RSS and BJP. Apart from this many times a number of activists belonging to RSS and Bajrang Dal were killed while making or planting bombs, at several palace including Nanded and Kanpur. Their senior leaders were caught in cameras while discussing how and where to put the bombs and how to increase the causalities. One can’t give a single example where Muslims were caught or injured while making or planting bombs or any Muslim leader or organizations directing their followers to kill innocent people openly.

My question here is that ‘who are the real beneficiaries of these bomb blasts’? Muslims are also killed in these bomb blasts in great numbers. After each bomb blasts Muslims in general are demoralized by the blames directed on them. Muslim youths are arrested and put behind bars indefinitely. They are fried from jobs and face problems in getting jobs. They are even killed in encounters as preventive measures. They suffer physically, morally as well as economically. After each blast they are at receiving ends.

The greatest beneficiaries of these blasts are Saffron brigades. It suits their ideology and their political ambitions. More than most disgusting is the attitude of media in dealing such sensitive issues in a highly biased and objectionable fashion. If the national media of the world’s largest democracy will become a party against suffering minorities then the justice will never be done to them. Before reporting such incidents they should replay and look their own clips of reporting on Malegaon, Hyderabad, Ajmer and Samjhauta Express bomb blasts. They should not become amplifiers of investigative agencies and police department or by sensationalizing such sensitive issues they should not fix the direction of investigation towards Muslim community only. Otherwise I will request the Home Minister to replace the staffs of investigative agencies by the reporters of news (entertainment) channels and the owners of News (entertainment) channels to replace their reporters by the staffs of investigative agencies.

[Syed Zubair Ahmad is a Writer & Journalist. He can be reached at smzubairahmad@gmail.com]

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