Published On:09 July 2011
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OPINION: Anti-Islamic Gameplan: A Falling Pakistan!

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

The USA, a close terror ally of Pakistan, has destabilized Pakistan to make India happy. And, Pakistan is now a failed state. In order to appease both USA and India, the Pakistani regime is still engaged in an anti-Islamic war with its own Muslims, even as Washington bosses keeping instructing, as a crude joke, their puppet regime in Islamabad to do "more" and "more". The scenes of Islamic blood bath generate celebration mood among the anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim elements all over the world.

All anti-Islamic nations, cutting across regions, their own religions and political frames, are engaged in constant secret dialogues and terror operations to divide Muslim nations, destabilize Islamic world, defame Islam, kill Muslims. In the name of terror wars, the USA-UK terror twins and the entire Western terrocratic regimes, Israel and India are terror partners in this historically heinous coalition effort. Israel and India are killing Muslims in their neighborhoods and indoors just like their Western fascist masters do freely in Islamic world like jungle beasts by illegal invasions-occupations, while some Muslim nations, focused on private economic interests of their leaders, are also supporting these anti-Islamic, civilizational crimes against Muslims and humanity at large.

While these Muslim nations promote anti-Islamism as undeclared policy, USA and Europe shield Zionist crimes and promote their collective interests in Islamic world without any hindrance. Some Arab leaders promoting their own wealth as well as crony capitalism in the name of Islam, also hail crimes of NATO and Israel against Muslims. They now want NATO to destroy sovereign Libya and the Zionist regime to attack Islamic Iran- that the height of madness of Arab leaders. Their hypocritical stand on UNSC-NATO invasion of sovereign Libya and massacres in that Muslim nation in Mideast could make a serious case of joint NATO-Arab crimes against Muslims.

While people of Pakistan oppose NATO terrorism in their nation, Pakistani puppet regime promotes genocides of Muslims by the occupation forces, possibly because they believe that its was USA-CIA that brought them to power and not the people of Pakistan. The impression is being created by the media that the shame leaders of Pakistan depend more on USA than on their own people for their survival. .

Officially Pakistani regime is against Israel because Pakistani people hate Israeli fascism and its holocaust in Gaza.

But unofficially Pakistani government, controlled by USA-CIA, cooperates with Israel and even helps the Zionist Mossad with fund rising against Palestine.

If Pakistan refuses to help Israel the US and European terrocracies would stop aid to Pakistan and without western extra coins, the Pakistani elites who want western corporate coins and hassle free visas to the western capitals, think Pakistan would simply die and disappear.

That is the hypocrisy of a few Pakistanis who are responsible for the ill-fate of entire Pakistan and its defenseless people being killed by the latest Obama drones, possibly manufactured by terrorist Israel!.

USA is, with determination and assistance os some countries, destroying Islamic world, including Pakistan, on fake pretexts!

Pakistani leaders are interested only in their wealth got illegally by cheating the voters who mandated them to rule the nation. Most of the leaders have enormous illegal black cash in foreign banks as well as immovable assets in western and Arab countries that shield not only the illegal wealth of Pakistani and other Muslim leaders stored in these nations but also promote puppet Muslim regimes, rampant corruption and crimes against humanity.

Zardari, Gilani, Sharif, Musharraf, etc are eager only to promote their wealth and other self-interests and they just use the state apparatus as well as political arrangement to pursue their illegal goals, while the people are watching show helplessly. These Muslim leaders care a damn about Islam or Pakistani prestige all that they want is to ensure safety of their ill-wealth in Pakistan and abroad. This disturbing mindset of Pakistani leaders have emboldened the occupation NATO terror syndicates to go on slaughtering Muslims by calling them as terrorists and add a few dollars to the accounts of "democratically elected" Pakistani leaders. Pakistani leaders are happy while the voters are being murdered by the "invited" guests in "democracy" uniforms from terrorist NATO countries.

These corrupt, selfish leaders know that the Sept-11 plane crash game was not "done" by one helpless Osama bin who could not even defend himself. They cannot say an individual could enter the US airports, lift three planes and hit at three targets simultaneously in USA, while entire remote system of highly advanced America as well as the CIA surveillance was watching the show.

Unfortunately, Pakistani core corporate media lords promote a failing Pakistan by supporting NATO fascism in AF-Pak and in Pakistan proper. When pro-regime media nuts go insane in promoting genocides of Muslims by NATO terrorists on fictitious pretexts, Pakistani nation is at severe risk.

Islamic world must have comprehended the true objectives and nature of US "war on terror" in Muslim nations but refuse to join hands to fight the colonialist challenge, but the illegal assistance a few of them offer to the NATO rouges makes the problem more complicated. Unless the Islamic world faces the challenge unitedly, the NATO-Zionist-Indian threat to Muslims could go on forever.

When the very fences eat away the crops, when the leaders and media lords Pakistan deceive their people and thrive themselves at their cost, Pakistani nation falls a helpless victim to pre-planned NATO terror operations, losing thousands of Muslims....

West cannot defend Islam. Arab League can force a shift in US imperialist polices for easy Islamic resources plus blood.

Now, it not Pakistan alone that is being destroyed by the NATO rogue states, but many more Muslim nations as well. The enemy first used a friendly Pakistani soil to begin their anti-Islamic operations against Islamic Afghanistan. Today the enemy is planning to destroy Pakistan completely by attacking it from occupied Afghanistan: NATO's Islamabad centric Afghan base.

Obama does not seek any change in US imperialist policy. A change in Pakistani policy toward the Western terrocracies would mark a basic change in Arab policy for Western culture.

NATO war climate has converted more Pakistanis into reliable drunkards. USA bull says it fights terrorism but it promotes terrorists in Libya, Iran and elsewhere. In pursuing US imperialist policies, one of major goals in the region is to make Pakistanis and Bangladeshis pro-India elements whom India could use at the appropriate time as CIA is using the rebel terrorists now in Mideast in the name of "uprisings". India is unhappy that not every Bangladeshis pro-India in spite of all manoeuvrings all these years since 1974 when it tactfully divided Pakistan, created Bangladesh by a war with Pakistan. India has every reason to laugh loudly seeing a falling Pakistan.

Unless Pakistani nation rises up against foreign occupation cum genocides and oppose their own leaders for their support for NATO-Israeli fascism, there is very little hope for Pakistanis to overcome the anti-Islamic war on their soil and continued threats to Islam.

If, however, Pakistani nation remains silent, like the UNSC has been, about the NATO terror syndicates converting Islamic Pakistan into terror sanctuaries, their fate would be even harder......

The anti-Islamic world led by USA-UK terror twins, and Israel would have the last laugh at Islam and Islamabad.

Then one can only feel sorry for Islamabad and innocent Pakistani Muslims.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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