Published On:21 July 2011
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Muslim Aid Volunteers get packing for National Ramadan Charity Campaign

International British charity Muslim Aid has launched a national Ramadan Charity campaign with the support of Asda superstores across London, Birmingham and Manchester. The campaign will see Muslim Aid volunteers give their time to help customers at Asda stores pack their shopping at till points and in return raise money and awareness to tackle global poverty.

The campaign, launched on July 19 at Asda’s Hounslow store in London, will raise funds for projects that aim to provide food security and long-term sustainable solutions to disadvantaged communities across the world.

In 2010, Muslim Aid spent over £470,000 on its ‘Feed the Fasting’ programme in over 40 countries to support people living in regions hit by extreme poverty. The Charity’s ongoing projects to tackle poverty include providing shelter, healthcare, education, child sponsorship, skills training and livelihood support. Muslim Aid also provides a microfinance programme for the very poor and to help sustain and develop small businesses in poverty stricken regions. Donations received at Asda stores will go towards the work carried out by Muslim Aid to make a real difference to people’s lives.

As part of the campaign, Muslim Aid will be distributing 10,000 Iftar food packs, which have been donated by Asda, to Mosques near some of their larger stores. Iftar is the first meal for Muslims after breaking their fast. The Iftar packs are a way to remind people of the Iftar packs Muslim Aid aims to distribute to the fasting poor across the world during Ramadan.

Welcoming the campaign, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Muslim Aid said: “The Holy month of Ramadan is a blessing for the whole of mankind. In this month, Muslims abstain from food and water and experience what it is like being hungry and poor. Ramadan reminds people to think about poverty and hardship and reflect on how we in Britain can share our happiness with those who are less fortunate than us elsewhere. It is therefore most appropriate that one of Britain’s biggest supermarket chains has agreed to work with Muslim Aid, one of Britain’s leading Muslim charities. Together, we can make a huge difference to disadvantaged communities worldwide.”

Helen Yates, Customer Planning Manager for the ethnic ranges in Asda, said: “We’re happy to have Muslim Aid volunteers raising funds for such worthy causes at Asda stores. With the support of our customers, we hope we can help make a difference to people's lives this Ramadan.”

(Courtesy: AlertNet)

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