Published On:17 July 2011
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

'LF failed to ensure minority welfare in Bengal'

Malappuram: CPI general secretary A B Bardhan hinted that the defeat of the Left Front in the West Bengal Assembly elections was the consequence of not paying enough attention to the welfare of the minorities, especially Muslims.

"The CPI's request to look into the matter was not considered by the Left Front Government," he added, while speaking at the seminar on 'Religious Minorities and Communist Party' organised as part of PKV commemoration here on Wednesday.

"The CPI had discussed with the Left Front Government the issue of the neglect meted out to Muslims even in West Bengal, as mentioned in the Sachar Commission report. But not enough attention was paid, and we suffered the consequences," Bardhan said. Explaining the CPI perspective on religious minorities, he said that the party always stood for protecting the life and property of the minorities, and fought for their better future.

He stressed the need for implementing the Sachar Committee and Mishra Committee reports, pointing out that religious minorities have very less representation in government jobs.

"Even madrasas are discriminated against in the case of grants," he said.

He said minority institutions like Jamia Millia University are not getting the consideration they deserve.

"It is the firm stand of our party that the Committee reports must be implemented at the national level as well as state level."

He also said both majority and minority communalism are bad for the country. Bardhan said Hindu Mahasabha and leaders like Savarkar had come up with the twonation theory based on religion much before Muslim League leaders such as Jinnah became its proponents.

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