Published On:15 July 2011
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Jamat-e-Islami (Hind) dumps old guards

Jamaate Islami Hind chief with Lalu Prasad Yadav
Twenty-eight-year-old Abdu-slam is a worried man after he received a notice from Jamat-e-Islami (Hind) authorities about the termination of his job. JEIH has decided to retrench some seven security guards who for a long time have been looking after their lush green huge campus in Abul Fazal Enclave. The new management under the leadership of A Kidwai has roped in professional security guards from some New Delhi-based agency, claimed an insider on the condition of anonymity. Since the decision was taken, the guards have been getting sleepless nights as their long association with the religious organization will be over. July 9 was their last day on the campus.

Bearded Abdu-slam, who was born in Jama Masjid, told OKHLA TIMES: “I am really disturbed. I am looking for jobs but still it is going to be hard times for me to look after my parents and a small child.” Other guards too have same story to narrate. Another security guard, 50-year-old Abdul Qayum, said: “Today is my last day. Now they have taken in professionals. But we were also good as we looked after the campus for years. Besides guarding the campus, we also used to do other small things like switching on and off water motor.”

The total strength of the security guards is 10. Of them three, Halim, Sattar and Liquat, have been retained. JEIH used to pay these guards something around Rs 5,000 per month for eight hour duty, claimed Qayum, adding: “We were not allowed to work in other places.”

Some workers in JEIH are shocked with the development as it has come at a time when there is no shortage of funds or recession. Recently, the JEIH main office was shifted into a new building that was built after eight years of hard labour.

One worker confided in OT: “This is really sickening. There was no need to dump these loyal security guards. They could have been easily absorbed and properly trained. Now, new people are coming in with new ideas. JEIH is fast turning into a corporate sector where an employee’s loyalty doesn’t count.”

JEIH leaders, who talk about staff rights, globalization, human rights and Muslims, are unable to implement these things among their staff, claimed an insider, adding: “Like other places dissent is not tolerated here. One can come across all vices like sycophancy, favoritism, regionalism and others.” The old JEIH that had earned respect of the people for its compassion, humility, affection, honesty is long dead. Now many people join JEIH to get legitimacy and benefit from its network, said one source.

JEIH has been hijacked by nincompoop and insolent people, who move in the garb of intellectuals, claimed a source. He further added: “To stop the rot good people, who still are in great numbers in JEIH but have no say in the organization, have to come forward. Besides, JEIH needs to overhaul its organizational set up and dump the black sheep that for their own worldly purpose are using the religious organization as a platform, giving it a bad name.”

(Courtesy: Okhla Times)

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