Published On:11 July 2011
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Islam in Bangladesh

What is happening in the streets of Dhaka is a struggle for the soul of Muslim Bengal. This is not just a street protest, it is a long term struggle for the restoration of Sonar Bangla as a Muslim state. Bangaldesh is once again in convulsion struggling to find an identity–Islamic or Bangladeshi. The 1971 fervor or Bengali nationalism downed in the Bay of Bengal when Hindu Bengalis refused to join Muslim Bengal in their struggle for Brihot Bangladesh. Bangladesh was formed on the basis of Bengali nationalism, however when Mujib allowed Bangladesh to become part of a India, there was a mutiny and a revolt against him. The BNP resurrected the Two Nation Theory for the the creation of Bangladesh–and Bangaldeshiism overtook Bengali nationalism (which was killed by Kolkota when it refused to join the land of the Bengalis).

Much of Bangladesh has been shut down for four of the last ten days. Across the land on Sunday shops, businesses and schools were closed. Police baton-charged protesters trying to march in central Dhaka, and at least 18 people were arrested. Unable to bring the tide to ahalt the Police resorted to firing at the peaceful protesters many of whom were holding the Quran in their hands.

Around 10,000 policemen were on patrol in the capital, police spokesman Masud Ahmed said, adding magistrates were on duty to hand out on-the-spot jail terms.A revolution is brewing in Bangladesh and the Awami League is impotent in trying to reverse the tide of Bangaldeshi nationalism. Bangladeshi Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas on Sunday at Bangaldeshi patriots, and Islamic activists who took to the streets campaigning for “absolute faith in Allah” to be restored to the Bangaldeshi constitution.

Thousands of demonstrators took to the street in what is considered to be one of the largest movements against the Awami Leagie since the last rigged election–when 14 million BNP votes were disqualified under flimsy excuses. Several activists were reported to have been injured during the Anti-Indian and Anti-government clashes in the industrial towns of Fatullah and Kanchpur, outside the capital Dhaka.

The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and various religious parties (which PM Manmohan Singh calimed had 25% of the votes) enforced a strike from Sunday morning to protest against the removal of “absolute faith and trust in Allah” as a key pillar of the constitution.

Fatullah, home to hundreds of factories making clothes for top global retailers, was hit by hours of fighting as police battled with protesters who threw bricks and blocked highways.

At Kanchpur, Bangladeshi Police also fired rubber bullets and used tear gas to break up Anti-Indian and Anti-Government protests blocking a key road linking Dhaka with the port city of Chittagong. The pro-Indian so called secular government made changes last month to secularize the national constitution of 1972. As a consolation prize Islam however was retained as the state religion.

(Courtesy: Times of Bombay)

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