Published On:14 July 2011
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Is Col. Qaddafi, a Dictator?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

USA and CIA are the global dictators forcing weak nations to surrender to American threats. Col. Qaddafi has never been a dictator as the CIA and its paid agents now claim. Even the CIA had not called Col. Qaddafi a dictator until the “uprising” it unleashed in sovereign Libya failed. When it became clear that Col. Qaddafi is not duty bound to flee his nation at the UNSC-NATO joint threat by following the Tunisia experiment or quit the presidency as Egyptian president Mubarak did, the CIA nuts changed their version by throwing away the “dictator” term. . .

USA has divided the world nations into two categories- pro-America and anti-America and deals with each nation according to this simple formula worked by the die-hard strategists.

Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was targeted by CIA-Pentagon not because he was against democracy - after all Hussein was brought to Vice-President's office by the CIA in the first place, to help USA advance its illegal energy objectives. But, chiefly because once assumed the presidency of Iraq, Hussein began a truly Arab, truly pro-Iraqi program of defending sovereignty of Iraq and resources of Arab world.

And this new Saddam policy was viewed as anti-American in essence. CIA-Pentagon quickly planned for a Iraqi attack of Kuwait so that NATO could, in alliance with Arab nations, attack Iraq and end Saddam rule and life. And that happened as quickly as CIA planned. Now USA rules Iraq.

It has been a policy of CIA to name any leader of the world who refuses to buy buy US gimmicks or refuses the IMF loans to cripple the economies. Col. Qaddafi of sovereign Libya refused to obey CIA orders and refused to take IMF loans with awful conditions attached.

American anger towards Saddam Hussein was hastened by Iraqi decision to prefer Euro to US dollar which Washington saw as a war on US dollar. In the absence of any support from Euro nations, Saddam Hussein was murdered in the most heinous manner by Bushom rouges.

Col. Qaddafi's decision to prefer Euro to US dollar coupled with his refusal to take IMF loans have angered the western terrocracies to invade sovereign Libya under the NATO banner led by the USA-UK terror twins. The terrorist rebels in Libya have been roped in the CIA scheme for looting Libyan oil resources and destabilizing the nation.

So, the CIA shamelessly quickly called President Qaddafi a dictator as a pure gimmick however, now it doe snot use the term for Col. Qaddafi , but those pro-US agents who just borrow CIA/Neocon lords' expressions freely continue use the term dictator to describe A people's leader like Col. Qaddafi.

It is yet another international shame. Qaddafi has provided more comforts and provisions to Libyans than any other ruler in the region or elsewhere.

Most of the Muslim rulers are corrupt and criminals, but Col. Qaddafi is a rare exception who, since he came to power through a real revolution, has done every thing possible for his people and for Libya. .

Who is a dictator and who is not? By simply calling an independent leader like Col. Qaddafi a dictator, the CIA and allies cannot make him one either. Now tell me, is Col. Qaddafi a dictator? If so, are a part of notorious US Neocon nuts?

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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