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Gujarati Muslim Association of America holds its 21st Annual Dinner

By Abdul Hafiz Lakhani

Gujarati Muslim Association of America (GMAA), is a not for profit organization working actively for the betterment of Gujarati Muslim Community, one of the largest communities, living among people from Indian origin, in Chicago, USA. GMAA celebrated its 21st Anniversary on Sunday, June 26th 2011, at Islamic community center, in the city of Des Plaines, IL (USA), where Chicago's all Gujarati Muslim Community gathered under the leadership of its current President Mr. Zakir Vohra.

GMAA has various program to help Students and community in the field of education, such as "Sponsor- A -Student", "Scholarships and financial Assistance", "Teachers Motivation Seminar," "Widows Rehab" for financially disadvantaged Sisters to get financial assistance.


1) To help Gujarati Muslim Community living in North America in the preservation of their Islamic and cultural Identity

2) To provide a forum for discussion of the problems faced by Gujarati Muslims living in North America and India

3) To work for the religious, social, economical and educational upliftment of Gujarati Muslims

4) To provide scholarships and financial assistance to deserving Gujarati Muslim students in India

5) To coordinate, arrange and provide human services to needy Gujarati Muslims


Since its inception GMAA was able to sponsor and give out scholarships to 2047 deserving students in the field of education, 852 deserving widows for financial assistance for sewing machines. 260 primary school teachers have been sponsored to attend four-day "Teachers Motivation Seminars”. GMAA collected and distributed fund for the victims of Gujarat Earthquake 2001, and Massacre of Muslim community in 2002, in the form of cash, medicine, food, home repair, kitchen utensils, beds, mats, etc. This help made difference in people’s life, which has lost their houses and in some cases lost every thing, some children’s who lost their parents, of whom cannot afford the fees for the school.

GMAA has helped to affected people of natural disasters – Rain and Flood in Gujarat 2005, Man-made disaster 2006 in City of Surat, Gujarat-India, Tsunami, Katrina, and South Asia earthquake.

GMAA, and its board members, (2009-2011), Mr. Zakir Vohra (President), Ahtesam Vhora (Vice-President), Istiyak Patel (Secretary), Shafi Vora (Treasurer), Gulamrasul Mansuri (Ex-Officio), Yakub Chaus, Kadar Ajmeri, Izhar Merchant, Kamal Saiyed, Altaf Baki, and Abid Munshi.

Gulam Patel, Zuber Shethwala (Board Members), worked very hard during last two years and as their term expired there was a new board elected.

Prominent people from Chicago area, who were present at the dinner included Usman Baki (past president, advisor GMAA), Latif Vora (past President, advisor, GMAA), Akhter Sadiq (Past President), Gulamrasul Mansuri (past President), and Akbar Umar (Attorney)

At the end of the program to encourage the youth to take a leading roll, Br. Latif vora, who were given the responsibility to conduct the election and observe the process, announce the new board members with majority of youngsters.

New Board of Directors for year 2011-2013

Br. Gulamrasul Mansuri as President

Br. Zubair Shethwala as Vice-President

Br. Abid Munshi as Secretary

Br. Yakub Chaus as Treasurer

Br. Mazhar Laliwala as Joint Secretary

In support of new President and Vice President

New Board of Directors:

Br. M. Usman Baki

Br. Kamal Saiyed

Br. Nasir Baig

Br. Abdul Sattar Shaikh

[Abdul Hafiz Lakhani is a senior Journalist based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is associated with IndianMuslimObserver.com as Bureau Chief (Gujarat). He can be reached at lakhani63@yahoo.com or on his cell 09228746770]

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  1. congratulations from fahad vhora and family.to vise precident and board of director nasir baig.

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