Published On:04 July 2011
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Greece blocks aidships for Palestine-Gaza

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

In one of the dirtiest pro-Zionist actions, European Greece has blocked the aidships bound for Gaza Palestine to help the Palestinians and free the Gaza from illegal Israeli blockades. In view of the crude fact that US-UK recognized fascist Israel continues to use the blockades to squeeze the defenseless Palestinians, terrorize them and economically cripple them. The notorious UNSC, as usual, is silent on the issue and does not open its dirty mouth to even to condemn Israel terror operations against Turkish aid-ship activists last year, killing many innocent humanists.

Proclaiming their joint duty to defend freedom and democracy in the world, Americans and Europeans skillfully used the post-WW-II terror situation to impose an illegal Zionist regime in Mideast on Palestine lands by kicking or killing the inhabitants. By sung the western terror support, the Zionist regime continues to kill the Palestinians and expand illegally Israel territories in Palestine through proliferation of settlements to house criminal Jews and Mossad agents by employing the terrorized Palestinians on the illegal construction sites.

The ill-fated problem for the Palestinians started with the arrival of Jewish criminals in Palestine and other Arabs. Europeans deliberately kept themselves from Israel, limiting their ties only to supply of aid and arms to Israel. In recent years, however, many European nations upgraded their relations with Israeli state to assure the illegal regime of continued western support.

People of Europe support the aidships for Gaza, but their regime, vehemently pressed by Israel, opposes any assistance to Palestinians who live in Gaza Strip because they do support Israeli terrorism in their nation. Greek, which has caused problems for Euro and EU, has weakened the supposed Obama effort to get Israel freeze the illegal proliferation of settlements inside Palestine, has halted a ship bound for the Gaza Strip on Saturday and arrested its captain.

Greece wages a never ending war with neighboring Turkey and opposes Turkey's entry into EU as a legitimate member of Europe. Since relations between Israel and Turkey soured, the Greek government has exerted strong efforts to build its own ties to the Jewish state.

Greek authorities have denied permission to the aidships to leave their ports. The vessel, “The Audacity of Hope,” which was part of the flotilla aiming to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza, carried 36 passengers. The captain of the ship was taken into custody on charges of endangering the lives of his passengers and for leaving the port without permission.

Eight vessels were prepared to leave Greek ports on July 01 Friday when the government issued an order preventing their departure. The move caused left-wing politicians to accuse the government of caving-in to Israeli pressure. Organizers told reporters that the flotilla plans to sail on 04th July regardless of the Greek order.

In occupied Jerusalem, a Jewish government spokesman boldly denied that Israel is pressing other governments against supporting Palestinians and also said they are not responsible for sabotaging Gaza-bound ships that have developed mechanical problems in recent days.

It is an international shame that a self--proclaimed "democracy" in Europe as well as EU like Greece has misbehaved with freedom-democracy resentments of its own people. UNSC must criticize the anti-humanity trends in Europe and volunteer itself to lead the aidships to Palestine-Gaza, after all this organization has to defend all nations, especially besieged ones like Palestine and Kashmir, and not to aid the NATO invasion of sovereign nations like Libya.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com or on his Mobile # +91-9961868309]

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