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28 July 2011

Cleanliness drive campaign in Okhla by Vision 2016 program

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IMO News Service

New Delhi: Vision 2016 program is campaigning for cleanliness drive in Okhla on eve of Ramazan. This NGO which has some 50 affiliated NGOs across the nation and working on over 150 projects has taken a step further for taking a cleanliness drive and to make aware people about living hygienically and to live healthy.

For making people of Okhla aware, this NGO has prepared a number of volunteers who will take initiative and do some practical demonstration on July 30, 2011 for providing awareness and stressing the importance of cleanliness in Islamic perspective. “First of all the people of this area will be healthy when they will give sometime to clean outside area of their houses,” said Habeebur Rahman, a professor of social work in Jamia Millia Islamia.

The task of making the outside of homes clean becomes more important at the time of Ramazan. It will look nice at the time of Ramazan when both the inside and outside of the houses of the residents of Okhla will be clean and attractive,” said Zaheer, a local person.

Habeebur Rahman wants full cooperation of the residents of Okhla in this cleanliness drive. Besides, he also wants support of government agencies, local MP, MLA and councilors in the cleanliness endeavor. He also requested the Vision 2016 program authorities for taking the cleanliness drive seriously. He further said that the areas during Ramazan are mostly overcrowded, streets are very narrow, and there is lack of dustbins and lack of garbage collector which make this area not attractive. He said that things can be improved only when the locals can be aware and make this locality attractive and clean.

On garbage collection, he said it is a big issue in the area and it can only be sorted out when big organizations or residents donate land for garbage dumping. According to him, garbage and dirty water are major issues of the area that need to be tackled immediately and some land should be allotted and dumping box should be installed by government agencies for making this locality more attractive.

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