Published On:21 July 2011
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American Spy Drones over Iran

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

America, Britain and Israel have been on terror mission against Islamic world and divisions in Islamic world have promoted them to go ahead with their insane fascist techniques and terror operations. They now jointly conduct surveillance over the Islamic world, especially where there are resources and anti-American sentiments

Iran, Pakistan and Libya are the cases in point.

Many of the western terrocracies have already made piles of nukes and helped Israel to make nukes illegally. The unipolar USA, EU and the United Nations all have imposed sanctions like economic terrorism on Iran for refusing to suspend its legitimate enrichment of uranium, a process that can be used for civilian and military purposes.

US-UK-Israel led NATO terrorists and their surveillance drones are roaming about freely and terrorizing the world.

An American spy drone was shot down while flying over a nuclear facility near the Fordo nuclear enrichment plant in Qom province in Iran when it was brought down by Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) soldiers.

The Pentagon causing miseries in Islamic world by illegal wars denied the “downing” report but acknowledged some spy planes had crashed in the past due to mechanical failure.

The report comes a day after Iran said it was installing new centrifuges aimed at speeding up its enrichment of nuclear material. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on 19th July - a day after it confirmed it was installing a new generation of advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges - that the new equipment will bring more speed and better quality to the process. He also reiterated that Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. Western nuclear powers trying to dominate 3owlrld militarily countries say Iran is also, like they themselves, enriching uranium to develop nuclear weapons.

The Obama drone was trying to gather information about the nuclear facility for the CIA. Iranian military officials had claimed to have shot down "several enemy drones" over the Persian Gulf in January and said Iran has targeted a large number of these pilotless planes during the last 7 years.

Iran confirmed that they have experienced “similar incidents many times in the past and there have even been drones belonging to the occupying Zionist regime (Israel), the United States and Britain which have been shot down in the Persian Gulf during the past 7 years,"

Iran had formerly announced shot down of two US spy drones in the Persian Gulf. Last August Iran unveiled what it said was its first domestically built drone, the Karrar, a homemade copy of US drones. It said it had a range of 1,000km (620 miles) and could carry two 250-pound (115kg) bombs, or a precision bomb of 500 pounds. Also in January 2007, the Iranian military troops shot down a spy plane of the US army when trying to cross Iran-Iraq borders in the Southwestern city of Dasht-e-Azadegan, Khuzestan province.

Both the USA and its chief strategic advisor Israel are ill-focused don Islamic Iran and are eager to destabilize the nation and effect a fake regime change to being back pro-US regime. Iran is at odds with major powers over its nuclear work, which the United States and its allies say are intended to enable Iran to produce bombs. Iran denies the allegations and says it wants only to generate electricity.

The USA and Israel, Iran's arch foes, supported by some Sunni Arab nations including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE, have threatened Iran with terror attack and Obama has not ruled out “military action” if diplomacy fails to end the nuclear row. Israel does not want any diplomatic solution.

Israel still thinks Iran is weak after its 10 year long war with Iraq with US weapons but that is a terrific mistake on the most intelligent Zionist terror strategists who think the could destroy Iran chiefly because some Arab nations are also against Iran and would not support it with arms. Saudi Arabia is on record saying it could let Israel use its territories to attack Iran. Riyadh has not restated its argument, though.

Iran is strong militarily and economically. If besieged or attacked by US-Israeli terrorists, Tehran could retaliate by launching hit-and-run strikes in the Gulf and by closing the Strait of Hormuz. About 40 percent of all traded oil leaves the Gulf region through the strategic waterway.

USA has made several roguish attempts to destabilize Iran and remove the president Ahamadinejad by employing the opposition in Iran to create problems- the same way the militants in Libya have been fooled by CIA to support the NATO oil goals. But their gimmicks did not yield fruits.

Several counties want to buy Iranian oil at cheap rates and use US-Israeli threat to facilitate their immoral ambitions.

As a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran has every right to develop and acquire nuclear technology meant for peaceful purposes. In addition, the IAEA has conducted numerous inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities but has never found any evidence indicating that Iran's civilian nuclear program has been diverted to nuclear weapons production.

All anti-Islamic terrocracies are fascist by nature and operations and therefore are illegal. The terrorist drone gimmicks also will die down.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com]

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