Published On:21 June 2011
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SDPI President urges party workers to strive for strengthening of Democracy & Social Justice

By Pervez Bari

Bhopal: The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) National President E. Aboobacker has urged party workers, on the eve of second anniversary of the party formation, to dedicate themselves for the strengthening of Democracy and Social Justice in the country.

Mr. Aboobacker in a statement said that it is auspicious that India is ahead among world countries in development. “However, we have to be alert in bringing the benefits of development to all sections of people of the nation”, he asserted.

He said that the failure of the Left parties in the last elections should not boost the exploiters. The SDPI workers will be in the forefront of maintaining thought of rights among people, he added.

The statement said the arrests of those involved in some corruption cases, including ministers, has created multiple reactions among people. Though it has strengthened confidence over rule of law, it has caused loss of trust towards the administration, in general. There exists a genuine feeling that unrevealed scams still exist. The fact that the administration, from top to bottom, including police and judiciary is corrupted in our country has created strong insecurity feeling among the people.

A complete change of power is the only solution in the situation that moneygrubbers have camped both in the administration and mainstream political parties. The movement relating to the Lokpal Bill is not in the right direction. Struggles by the nominees of RSS and BJP are not fit for social change, the statement stated.

The statement maintained that changes in the government at certain intervals also do not serve the purpose. It is only handing over of power from one set of corrupters to another group of corrupters or upper class to upper class. Absolute change in views, aims and objectives is required for bringing in basic changes. There lies the relevancy of SDPI.

The policy of the government on the internal security is not firm or secure. Involvement of citizens of those nations who inspire and advise India in anti-terrorist actions, in the terror attacks taken place in the country is suspicious. They have not been handed over to us for trial. Of late, they have been either acquitted or made approver. It seems that the whole things were a part of preplanned operations. But the Indian government is not serious in the matter, Mr. Aboobacker lamented.

It is alarming that the list of ‘Most Wanted’ handed over to Pakistan includes those who are staying here and died here. It is to be noted that several are lagged in jails without trial or evidence based on intelligence reports. Our nation should not be a blind partner in the deliberate plan of global forces. Media of our nation has not yet recognized their moral obligations, the statement said.

Mr. Aboobacker affirmed that SDPI will go ahead in strengthening the deprived class of people and the unorganized labourers.

[Pervez Bari is a Journalist based at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He can be contacted at pervezbari@eth.net]

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