Published On:28 June 2011
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Forbesganj Police Firing: They are not ready to give a road, how will they do justice with victims?

By Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi

On 3rd of June 2011, six people including two women and an infant brutally killed in police firing in Forbesganj. Muslim-run online News portals took up this issue and made all efforts to bring the facts before media to show how poor and labor class Muslims were discriminated, tortured and killed by police.

A video showed how a police personal jumps on the face of half dead body of a youth. FIR registered against un-known persons too.

These gruesome atrocities played by police and local administration with the consent of state administration due to protest by the residents of Rampur and Bhajanpur villages under Forbesganj block in Araria district for blocking an old road.

When this report got the attention of very few media channels, Human Rights organizations, National Commission for Minorities, social activists, Muslim organizations and some political parties condemned this gruesome act, some of them visited the village, met with the victim's families, went to hospital to meet injured people and then began same tactic Muslims are experiencing it for last 63 years in an independent and a democratic country.

Ram Vilas Paswan met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and demanded CBI inquiry, action against guilty police personals, compensation for the victims etc. The response of country's Prime Minister was that he will ask Mr. P. Chidambram to address this issue.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar refused to meet Chairperson of National Commission for Minority. Congress Party reacted as usual as it has always been reacting when Muslims fall as victims.

Now, the point is, will Forbesganj police firing victims get justice? The state which is not ready to give only a road to poor and labor class Muslims and it uses its “brave” police to fire on villagers and chased them into their homes who wanted a road ; so how that state government could do justice with the victims.

Visiting of Human Rights organizations, National commission for Minority and other NGOs will not affect the situation. These things have been seen when Muslims have been beheading in Gujarat genocide 2002. These commissions failed to put the main conspirators before court, leave small and low ranked perpetrators. It is true that adroit and adequate efforts of some organizations and social activists helped victims to keep hope in judicial process, but killers and rapists still are roaming free in the state. Even some social activists themselves are facing charges labeled by state government and they are making clear their positions through media and in court too.

According to the reports; Union Misnister for Minority Affairs Salman Khurshid said he will take up this issue with Union Home Minister P. Chidambram. It means that we have to forget this issue, because Salman Khurshid has never done any thing for the Muslim community, so what will he do something with grave issues like Forbesganj police firing case.

For example, Salman Khurshid after many years realized that 2006 Malegaon bomb blast accuseds are innocent, when he had said that “justice has not done in this case” in a press conference organized by ETV Urdu news channel in Mumbai on 20th Feb, 2011, but after all what he did for them, nobody knows. There is no news regarding the actions taken by him to bring these innocent Muslim youths languishing in the prison.

Hoping from central government is also futile. Current UPA government has done nothing in solving capital issues of Muslims, so, why will it interfere in this small issue (for central government).

Indeed, All India Muslim Personal Law Board also expressed its disappointments due to wavering stand of UPA government over the promises made by the central government to handle different issues raised by AIMPLB. This wavering stand of UPA forced this organization to lunch agitation against inaction by Central government.

Forbesganj police firing issue grabbed national attention due to Bihar government's inaction in this case. If bad things has taken place so that issue can be handled through strong action, rehabilitation and restoring of villager's demand.

However, 20 days have been passed. Various commissions including Human Rights organizations and National Commission for Minority whose leaders themselves are demanding justice as the victims are appealing; neither the state nor central governments have taken any strongest step to restore the confidence among these poor Muslims.

Some people and organizations came into action to help the victims. However, victims and Muslim community are still waiting the decision of Bihar state government which fulfills the demand of Muslim community and restores the road which is being demanded by villagers, as well as victim’s families get compensation.

It is very hard to say that Forbesganj police firing victims would get justice or their demand about restoration of old road or alternative road would be heard.

I think, my country is still not mature, or state and central administration of this country still not decided to deliver justice with Muslims, whether they are the victims of Forbessjang police firing, or Gujarat genocide victims, or Makkah Masjid Blast victims or the innocent, who have been arrested in different bomb blast cases or in the name of SIMI across the country.

This is not the imaginary thinking, this is the fact. Chairperson of National Commission for Minorities Wajahat Habibullah rightly said when he met with the victims of Forbesganj police firing: “Don't lose hope; you will get justice”; that reason after every atrocity, Muslims and Muslim organization move for the justice.

In this atmosphere of hostility, Muslims just raise their voices and can hope that a day this hostility situation toward Muslim community will be changed and they will get justice.

[Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi is based at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted at ahannan111@yahoo.in or on his Mobile # +966 (0) 546411482]

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