Published On:23 June 2011
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Dangerous trend of ‘secret marriages’ among Muslims

By Ather Moin

Absurdities, innovations and unwarranted rituals have made the Muslim community victim of various problems but more dangerous than these are the weddings and Nikahs in which conditions of Nikah are not fulfilled. The minimum conditions of Nikah are, consent of vali (guardian), testified by two witnesses and proposal and acceptance (eejaab and qabool) with fixing of ‘mehr’. According to the hadeeth announcement of Nikah is also compulsory. Without fulfilling any of these conditions the Nikah will not be valid.

In the previous article harmful effects of free intermingling of opposite sexes during the functions of sanchaq and mehendi and resultant flirting among them were pointed out. Boys and girls at first exchange glances and then their cell phone numbers to keep in touch afterwards. With initial conversation of introductory phase the telephonic link gets stronger.

Our elders prohibit youngsters from talking with namahram persons of opposite sex because when the conversation continues for a long time then the urge to see the lover begins and when two young hearts are alone shaitan will be there to incite infatuation. Sahih Hadith states a man and woman cannot be alone, because the Shaitan will be the third party. But they don’t know that touching namahram man or woman is also a sin. Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said: "It is extremely abominable for a woman's shoulder to touch a man. It is better to touch a pig that is all messed up than for a woman to touch the body of a strange man." (TABRANI)

Since media has played a significant role in spreading the idea of free mixing of sexes, our new generation is also very much influenced by the same. Our youngsters consider those young girls and boys, poor and cast off who do not have atleast a boy friend or a girl friend.

The evil of love marriage has made its way in Muslim society for such a long time that children of the couples having love marriage have also become young and they proudly announce that their parents had love marriage. It should not come as a surprise if these children search their life partner on their own.

The key issue here is the rising trend of secret marriages among young generations. Young boys and girls tie their wedding knots secretly while their parents just don’t get the hint.

Qazi’s too consider those marriages as a ‘bonus’ for them since they get remuneration two to three times more than the actual one.

The Messenger of Allah (Blessings & peace be upon him) said: ‘The marriage of a woman who marries without the consent of her guardians (wali) is void.’ (He (saws) said these words three times.) According to hanafis, a marriage without the consent of the wali will still be valid as long as there is kafa`a. Still even though the marriage will be valid, it will be against the sunnah.

If it is agreed that Nikah is valid without vali’s consent after fulfilling other conditions then also Islam doesn’t permit that boy and girl meeting before marriage and having intimacy.

The secret marriage is sometimes exposed only after the parents settle their children’s marriage, the date is fixed and the cards are distributed. After every thing is fixed the girl elopes and gets married secretly but these types of marriages may not be long-lasting but are most often than not proved precarious.

(Courtesy: The Siasat Daily)

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