Published On:17 June 2011
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Creating a Stable Palestine Economy: Role of Turkey and Egypt

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

The reopening of the crossing - an indisputable symbol of freedom - was a carrot offered by Cairo to facilitate the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation permanently. Ignoring Israel's criticism of the Rafah Gate open move, Egypt also announced that the decision was solely a matter for Cairo and the Palestinians where Israel or any other nation has no role. Egyptian positive gesture can change over all scenario in Palestine and Mideast.

After Rafah reopening, there has been the sigh of great relief and hope of future for the 1.5 million residents of Gaza who have been subsisting under Israel's boot in the world's largest open-air terror prison for far decades. In order to create natural conditions for economic growth, first off all Gaza strip and entire Palestine must be linked to outside world. Israel denies Palestinians access to outside world either by land, by sea or by air, as it illegally blocks all routes by blockades and air strikes.

Palestine economy and security must be strengthened as the top priority policy of Mideastern states including Egypt. Only a collective regional help can ensure life and security to Palestinians. Now, the people of Palestinian Gaza strip urgently require humanitarian aid and security shield from Zionist criminals. World must remove the illegal blockade of Gaza by Israel.

Obviously, reopening of the Egyptian border for the Palestinians will mitigate the sufferings of Palestinians to some extent. Palestine economy and security are still under Israeli control. Particularly Gaza's economy has badly suffered due to Israeli-Egypt joint blockades; the import and export of goods to and from the Strip is blocked by Zionist regime, supported by USA-UK- terror twins, UNSC and Quartet.

Thousands of Palestinians have been killed by Zionist criminals. Yet, neither the terrorist NATO nor the unilateral USA attacked Israeli for its crimes against humanity by imposing "noflyzone". But, unable to bear the pain of Netanyahu kick, Obama has ignored his demand for proliferation freeze in occupied Palestine and conveniently back down on Israel's expansion of Jewish colonies on the West Bank and also U-turned on a Palestinian state being based on 1967 borders.

Arabs, remotely controlled by Washington-London rogues, have not so far decided on sending a aidship to Gaza. Of late, Turkey, a known US-Israeli ally in joint military operations and military trade, has come forward to help the Palestinians and warned Zionist regime of consequences of its continued arrogance.Turkey has recently slammed Washington's "one-sided approach" to the Middle East. Istanbul, for years has been one of Israel's biggest trading partners and a close ally of the US, is now putting itself out on a limb in solidarity with the Palestinians in keeping with its new principles. Turkey quickly congratulated Egypt over its important contribution to the improvement of daily living conditions of the Gaza people.

Last year, Ankara decided to break the Gaza blockade and dispatched Mavi Marmara aidship but it was attacked by Israeli terror forces on the high seas and nine unarmed Turkish activists were killed and dozens injured. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan demanded an apology from Israel as well as compensation for the victims' families but until now no such apology or recompense has been forthcoming. Turkish foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu described the blockade as "unlawful" and announced that Turkey "will give the necessary response to any repeated act of provocation by Israel on the high seas. As relations with Tel-Aviv worsened, Turkey withdrew its ambassador from Israel last year and has deferred sending a new one.

Turkey continues to purse its pro-Palestine policy. Firmly backed by the Turkish government and supported by the EU, a larger version of Mavi Marmara known as the Freedom Flotilla II consisting of 15 vessels will be poised to set sail from France, Italy, Spain and Greece with up to 1,500 pro-Palestinian activists from 22 organizations on board accompanying large consignments of humanitarian aid. One of the Flotilla's ships will be the Mavi Marmara that is owned by IHH, a Turkish humanitarian relief foundation, and is expected to carry approximately 100 Turkish passengers willing to put their lives on the line to break the siege. The organizers say they have no objection to the ship being thoroughly searched for weapons before it begins its journey. Turkey said it has already sent "serious warnings and messages" to Israel not to repeat last year's aggression. Israeli illegal occupier leader Netanyahu has warned that Israel is obliged to act aggressively against the flotilla." Under insistence form the Israeli regime some Israeli lobbyists in US Congress have written a bipartisan letter to Turkey urging it to stop the new flotilla to Gaza.

NATO terror syndicate under the USA-UK terror twins is still targeting the Islamic world, the Arabs of a sovereign Libya, complicating the chances for credible Mideast peace. But Mideast peace is urgent. Combating Zionist attacks on Palestinians is urgent. Containing the Israeli arrogance and its proliferation of illegal colonies is urgent. Israel needs to accept being subject to international law as an ordinary nation state and it should be brought to justice for its crimes against humanity.

Turkey going to polls soon and all anti-Islamic nations and their media re deadly focused don anti-ruling party campaigns to bring back a pro-Israeli and anti-Islamic regime in Istanbul, but they will fail here too, like in Iran. Having failed to make Israel "do more" on Mideast peace, the Obama US regime has called upon Turkey to adopt a more “sensible” policy supporting Zionist fascism and fanaticism, not to try another aidship to Gaza. Can this Obama be trusted to help Palestinians establish Palestine state or initiate punitive measures against Israeli state criminals? Can Obama be a honest broker of peace, as it appeared for sometime, in any region including South Asia?

Western terrocracies that jointly control the world affairs, on unexpected success of conspiracy in sovereign nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, continue to target Libya and other Islamic sovereign nations and their resources by anti-Islamic media management and by manipulating and employing some hypocritical Muslim nations. Israel expects these rogue state to continue to shield the illegal Zionist regime. But Palestinians have suffered more than enough and now they should b provided with sustenance, food and security through peaceful means. Those nations claiming to be democracies must come forward to help the Palestinians, collectively imprisoned by Zionist regime, to live like human with peace and human dignity. Steps should be undertaken to revive economy of Palestine as well as stabilize its security- at the earliest.

A great opportunity has arrived for Arab nations to come up against western official fascism and support Palestine cause more vigorously. Turkey and Egypt must play their historic role in stabilizing Palestine, its economy & security and improve the conditions of Palestinians.

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff@gmail.com or on his Mobile # +91-9961868309]

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