Published On:21 June 2011
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Bad Taliban turns good Taliban

By Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi

Taliban and Al qaeda are not alike; Alqaeda is the name of global Jihad; while Taliban is resisting within Afghanistan.

Security Council of United Nations split the list in which Taliban and Alqaeda were one. However, according to the new policy Taliban will now become a good Taliban. International community is ready to convert them from bad to good with passing of some resolutions in United Nations.

These above reports are hitting news channels and newspapers across the glob.

It is being said that these steps are being adopted to provide a platform to International community to establish relations with Taliban and convince them to start negotiations with United States so that Taliban be able to play a role in Afghanistan as well as help United States which wants to bring this unwinnable war to an end.

These developments are taking place because US wants to pull out its forces from Afghanistan which is a graveyard for emperors and arrogant powers.

How Taliban is turning from bad to good? Who made them bad? And, who are making them good?

How Taliban and Alqaeda are not same? How US, UN and International community arrived at this conclusion that Alqaeda is the part of global Jihad, while Taliban is fighting in Afghanistan only? How International community arrived at this conclusion that there is a need to understand the difference between Taliban and Alqaeda?

Eventually, it is the policy of US. This time US is waiting for a miracle to happen to save itself from this land, which has swallowed various powerful and unbroken emperors.

It has realized that its country, its forces and its minions have been stranded in this country, and all of them want to get out from this defiant country. Their economic condition is not allowing them to continue this war or open any new front in another country. That reason; this new trick is being played by US to first change the atmosphere globally about Taliban, and then it will be claimed that Taliban is a good people and US or others have no objection to resume the relation with it, so that US is able to get out from Afghanistan decently maintain its dignity too.

This was the same tactic used by US and its western allies to attack on Afghanistan. First; it is made clear that Taliban and Alqaeda have become a threat to International community, then western Media came into motion and propagated against Taliban, and one day United States lunched aerial strikes against Taliban in Afghanistan.

It was true; that attack was the violation of International agreement and was the attack on Afghanistan sovereignty, but who lessens?

Taliban never attacked on US, it never posed any threat to neighbor or western countries. Taliban had captured the control over Kabul after longest civil war. The trade of heroin had been reduced during Taliban government. UN report confirms it. Taliban established a best government in Afghanistan. They brought the violence and civil war to an end. The people of Afghanistan had been hoping a stable government there. The Ambassadors had been appointed by Taliban at that time they were not ordinary men. They were very well-educated and qualified persons. If International community gives them time to establish their positions, they establish that which kind of government Taliban wants and what they want from International community. However US and International community without giving them time to clear their positions, attacked on Afghanistan. Since then, what Taliban is doing in Afghanistan is the same thing which is being played by every patriotic person and movements.

Taliban is fighting and resisting to bring this occupation to an end. United States had gone there with its consent. Since then, Taliban had become bad Taliban. Supporting of Taliban, providing any help to this organization was the part of terrorism. Even the Muslims who spotted beard and veiled Muslim women attacked in entire glob and termed them Taliban. It is said that Talibanization will not be allowed at any rate.

Anti-Muslim movement appeared. Cartoons made on our Prophet Mohammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasalam. Charitable Islamic organizations blamed to help Taliban and Alqaeda.

A section of media in India propagated against Muslims and their religious institutions in the name of Taliban. Name of Taliban had become a symbol of terror which was being used to scare Muslims and keep none-Muslims away from embracing of Islam

It is said that Taliban is bringing bad name to Islam. It is said that Taliban is destroying Islamic values. Taliban figured as they are anti-Islam and anti-Muslims. Quraanic verses used to show how Talibanization or Taliban is a threat to peace of the world.

However, after 10 years, when US economic started to fall, and it is facing economic deficit, US is attempting to change this atmosphere to create an environment where Taliban to be converted from bad to good.

Adoption of resolution 1998 and 1989 which separates Taliban and Alqaeda into different categories, in Security Council on Friday 17-06-2011 is the first step to declare that Taliban is a good organization as well as US and other groups have no objection on restoring talk with them.

This is a US policy to get out from Afghanistan. These US policies establish that US made Taliban bad for its policies, and now are making them good for its policies.

As for the efforts made by United States to start negotiations with Taliban cannot help it in getting out from this defiant country, because Taliban is fighting since last 10 years. Continuing US military operations in various parts of Afghanistan cannot eliminate them. The second thing; this time Taliban is not asking for negotiations with US but it is the US which wants dialogue, so looking toward the culture of Afghanistan it is hard to say that these efforts could be a fruitful for US.

However, one thing which is made by US is that bad Taliban has become a good Taliban. Tomorrow; when US policies will take a U-turn; what they will say about Alqaeda; let us see which way the wind blows.

[Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi is based at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted at ahannan111@yahoo.in or on his Mobile # +966 (0) 546411482]

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