Published On:27 April 2011
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SDPI's demonstration against the production and use of Endosulfan in India

By Musab Rafiq Agwan

The Delhi unit of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) held today a demonstration at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi demanding nationwide ban of endosulfan. Party workers from different parts of the national capital and nearby states assembled at the site and appealed the central government for complete ban on the production and use of endosulfan in the country and for endorsing the global ban on this harmful pesticide by singing the UN Convention on Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in the ensuing Conference of Parties at Stockholm the next week.

Speaking on this occasion the convener of the SDPI’s Delhi unit and a known environmentalist A.R. Agwan gave details of the environmental and human hazards of this chlorinated hydrocarbon as persistent pollutant and called for a country-wide ban on it following the already executed ban in Kerala and Karnataka states in India and several countries of the world. He said that the article 21 of the constitution ensuring right to life is being violated by the government which seems so far to be insensitive to the misery of common people.

Advocate K.M Ashraf, the Kerala state president of SDPI, lamented that over 9000 persons have been reported succumbed to the poisonous effects of the pesticide and other 5000 are reported to be totally crippled due to its insensible use still the central and several state governments are dilly dallying for taking due measure against it. On this occasion Ansar Indori, the SDPI incharge of Uttar Pradesh, advocate Aslam Ahmad the party leader of Delhi and the party representatives from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana also expressed their views. The national president of Ambedkar Samaj Party Bhai Tej Singh joined the demonstration along with some of his rank and file and endorsed the demands extended by the SDPI in this regard.

A memorandum signed by the SDPI’s general secretary A. Saeed was submitted to the Prime Minister of India and authorities putting the SDPI’s clear view that the endosulfan is a highly toxic chemical, used widely as a pesticide but with toxicological properties comparable with the likes of DDT and Endrin, which have been banned in the country and is slated for a global phase out. It is a chemical which can cause endocrine disruptions, reproductive system disorders, central nervous system disorders, liver and kidney dysfunctions in many studies on animals and human beings. It has been shown to display genotoxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects. It is extremely sad to note the attempts from industry and associated scientists to label endosulfan as a “safe” and “soft” chemical by alienating themselves from new scientific findings and the realities.

The memorandum submitted to the prime minister also puts on record that endosulfan has been banned across 81 countries in all the continents after elaborate studies. In our own country Kerala and Karnataka have banned this chemical after finding health and environment damages. Under these circumstances and on behalf of the victims of endosulfan Social Democratic Party of India humbly requests the central government to take adequate steps for an early imposing of a ban on edosulfan in the country instead of unnecessary further studies. The SDPI strongly recommends for providing must immediately and unconditionally compensation to the relatives of the deceased victims and to the surviving victims.

The SDPI also requested the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in the memorandum for his personal intervention in the matter to ensure that the ministry does not succumb to the pressure of corporate lobby, as the chemical corporations are much worried about their profit than the safety of farm workers and consumers.

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By Indian Muslim Observer on April 27, 2011. Filed under , , , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

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