Published On:22 April 2011
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Pro-reforms Dawoodi Bohra activist urges Supreme Court to finalize hearing on members facing excommunication

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A pro-reforms Dawoodi Bohra activist has urged the Chief Justice of India for the early finalization of Writ Petition No. 740 of 1986 to impart justice to thousands of dissident Dawoodi Bohra families who have been facing excommunication for several years now. The acitivist, who has been raising his voice againt the corrupt practices of the Dawoodi Bohra high priest Dr. Syedna Muhammad Burhanuddin, in a press release sent to IndianMuslimObserver.com has pleaded anonymity or else if his name is disclosed he will be facing a threat to his life.

“With due respect I beg to draw your honour's kind attention to a Writ Petition No. 740 of 1986 filed by the Central Board of Dawoodi Bohra Community and others versus State of Maharashtra and others. The said writ petition is pending for more than 25 years in the Hon. Supreme Court of India after its admission and initial hearing for wanting to be heard by a Five-Judges bench of the Hon. Supreme Court,” stated the letter sent to Chief Justice of India.

“This writ petition is based on the reports of two Commissions of Inquiry into alleged infringement of human rights of the members of the Dawoodi Bohra Community under instructions and in the name of Bohra High Priest. The persons who, against all opposition, conducted these inquiries were no ordinary people.  Justice N P Nathwani was a former Judge of the Bombay High Court and a Lok Sabha MP, Justice V.M. Tarkunde was a former judge of Bombay High Court and Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court, Justice Tiwetia, Kuldip Nayar, Dr. Aloo Dastur, Dr. Alam Khundmiri, Prof. Moin Shakir were committed humanists. Both the Commissions of Inquiry namely Justice Nathwani Inquiry Commission and Justice Tiwetia Inquiry Commission have proved beyond any doubt that the Dawoodi Bohra head, Syedna does excommunicate his followers even in secular and social matters violating the procedure specified by the Hon. Supreme Court. It is a shame that in this 21st centaury and in a democratic country he has reduced his followers to helpless slaves by exercising his ‘monstrous powers’,” said the press release. 

According to pro-reforms Dawoodi Bohra activist, Dr. Syedna has enslaved the entire Dawoodi Bohra community by imposing undemocratic, inhuman, unconstitutional practices and un-Islamic dogmas. In his letter to the Chief Justice of India, he has pleaded for early hearing and judgment on Writ Petition No. 740 of 1986 “so that the suffering members of the Dawoodi Bohra community are relieved from inhuman exploitation in the name of religion and gross violation of human rights and can enjoy the fundamental rights as guaranteed by the Indian Constitution”.

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