Published On:30 January 2011
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Gujarat ignores Centre’s scholarship for minority students

By Rajiv Shah

GANDHINAGAR: Will Gujarat government allow Centre's scholarship fund for students belonging to minority communities to lapse?

In a strongly worded letter, ministry of minority affairs has warned the Gujarat government that if the latter fails to utilise funds released to it for giving scholarships to pre-matric students belonging to five different minority groups, it will have no other option but to divert it to other states.

The letter, dated January 21, sets January 31 as the deadline, before which the ministry must get proposals along with necessary documents.

Addressed to principal secretary, social justice and empowerment, P K Taneja, the letter says that "a sum of Rs 9.82 crore was allotted for award of 52,260 pre-matric scholarships for students belonging to minority communities in Gujarat..."

Giving data regarding the Centre's proposal for community-wise scholarship, the letter regrets that "despite financial and physical targets no scholarships have been availed or no money utilised".

The letter asks the state government to immediately ensure that "the proposal for pre-matric scholarship in respect of financial allocation made to your state may please be sent in the specified proforma with the checklist, utilisation certificate for funds released, if any, with hard copy and CDs etc to this ministry by January 31, 2011".

The letter has not made Gujarat government blink. In fact, the state government may not send any proposals for scholarships to the Centre, allowing the fund to lapse.

A senior state bureaucrat, requesting anonymity, said, "There is nothing new in the letter. We have been receiving such letters for the past three years, ever since the Centre introduced the scholarship for minorities. The Gujarat government has decided to ignore such warnings. The thinking is, the scholarship creates discrimination among non-minority groups, hence it cannot be allowed here". (TNN)

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