Published On:31 December 2010
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RSS & 26/11: The book released in Mumbai too

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The book 26/11 RSS ki Sazish by chief editor of Sahara Urdu daily Aziz Burney, which sparked off a new debate in the country regarding any potential role of RSS behind one of the most horrendous terrorist attacks in the country on 26th November 2008, has been released in Islamic Gymkhana on 30th December in a sequel to its first release in New Delhi on the 19th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition. The Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh who released it in the national capital has once again graced the release function in that capacity. The other eminent personalities of the function were the author of “Who killed Karkare?” former Maharashtra IGP S.M Mushrif, film director Mahesh Bhatt, Samajwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi, local Congress MLA Kripa Shankar Singh, Jamiat leader Mahmood Madni and others.

Although his tone in lambasting RSS and its ideology remained unwaivering, however, the content of his justifications for considering the Hindutva movement responsible for the rise of terrorism has changed a great deal, perhaps due to strong reactions of the RSS and BJP leadership on his controversial statement that he talked to the former ATS chief of Mumbai Hemant Karkare just two hours before his mysterious death amidst 26/11 terrorist attack chaos in which he quoted the slain officer saying his life was blighted by constant threats from unknown persons.

Digvijay Singh elaborated upon his contention that the RSS-BJP circles support radical Hindu groups as illustrated by the fact that they have questioned the integrity of Karkare, pleaded for accused in terrorist cases and found giving shelter to rightist terror strikers, even he charged that Sunil Joshi was murdered because he could have named those who commanded ‘saffron terrorism’ to be perpetrated in the country.

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3 comments for "RSS & 26/11: The book released in Mumbai too"

  1. Anything concrete about the '26/11 RSS ki Sazish', which presumably have been presented in the book, is not mentioned. That would help the people not yet reading the book to understand/feel the gravity of the situation. Can we be enlightened that way?

  2. The chief editor of Sahara Urdu daily Aziz Burney, should cooperate with CBI and tell it about the sources he got all the information from, so that true culprits could be brought to justice and realty of the accused people would come out, it will help the nation understand our leaders and other eminent personalties and thus making a correcdt opinion about them and making sure such people would not come to power, at the same time if Mr Burney could not justify his claims he should be put behind the bar for making such false acqusiion and misleading the nation.

  3. Where is the country heading? How can we allow people to release such non-sense, 3rd rated and false books? And Diggy? He doesn't need any introduction. He is a pig in the mud. The more you fight with him, the more he enjoys. All these guys will have their day!!

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