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Media owners should see Vakkom Moulvi as their role model – Kerala CM

Kannur: The media owners should make Vakkom Abdul Qader Moulvi their role model just as media persons should make ‘Swadeshabhimani’ Ramakrishnapilla their model, said Kerala Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan. He was inaugurating the concluding function of the observance marking the 100th year of the exile of the great journalist ‘Swadeshabhimani’ Ramakrishnapilla. He also released the complete works of ‘Swadeshabhimani’ at the function held at the Jawahar Library Hall in Kannur.

VS Achuthanandan
VS said that ‘Swadeshabhimani’ (as Ramakrishnapilla was popularly known) was the ignited words against corruption and despotism. Equally important is the support given to him by Vakkom Abdul Qader Moulvi. In the present times when media activity has become a business, it is relevant to ask whose freedom of expression is media freedom. Swadeshabhimani paved a new way in the field of journalism by presenting the sorrows and hardships of the society. Had he subjected himself to kingship and bureaucracy, he would have been flooded with awards and praises. But he announced that he would report even if the wrong was committed by god. It cannot be said all his ideas were right. However, it is indeed epic that he had opposed corruption and injustice vehemently and that he introduced Gandhiji and Karl Marx to Malayalis.

The CM recollected another great journalist Kesari Balakrishnapilla who entered the field decades after Swadeshabhimani was exiled. Divan Sir CP sealed his newspaper ‘Kesari’ and Balakrishnapilla had to leave the place. The fiftieth anniversary of the death of Kesari is observed at the occasion of the observance of the 100th year of the exile of Swadeshabhimani. Mr Achuthanandan added that the life of Swadeshabhimani and Vakkom Moulvi should be a light in the social and political fields.

State Minister M Vijayakumar presided over the function. Central Ministers E Ahmed and Mullappally Ramachandran, and State Ministers KP Rajendran and Kadannappally Ramachandran were present at the function.

‘Swadeshabhimani’ Ramakrishnapilla was the editor of the newspaper ‘Swadeshabhimani’ owned by Vakkom Abdul Qader Moulvi. The editor was given complete freedom and the owner did not interfere in the matters of the newspaper, instead he encouraged the editor to publish the truth whatever it may be. The newspaper soon rose to be a strong weapon of the freedom struggle as well as social changes. The newspaper wrote against the despotism of the Kings of the states as well as the misrule of the British. It also fought against the social evils prevailing in the society at that time. All these prompted the King to put an end to the publication of the paper.

(Courtesy: TwoCircles.net)

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3 comments for "Media owners should see Vakkom Moulvi as their role model – Kerala CM"

  1. I being the great grand son of vakkom moulavi thank you for posting this news article. There are two serious mistakes in the images you have attached with this article.
    The person referred to in the stamp is vakkom khadar, an INA fighter who was hanged by the british and not vakkom abdul qadir moulavi. This INA hero also hails from vakkom.
    None of vakkom moulavi's photographs are available to us, even though a fake photograph is presented at many places even in state government text books. Let me inform you authoritatively that this is not the photograph of vakkom moulavi.
    Hope you will correct this anomaly.

  2. Hello,
    I have found another serious mistake in the content of this article.
    "The newspaper’s office was sealed and the editor and owner arrested and exiled".
    Vakkom Abdul qadir moulavi was neither arrested nor exiled in his life time. Please don't spread false information.

  3. Dear Mr. Sameer,

    Many thanks for citing the glaring mistakes. I'm sorry this hurt you. Though, this mistake was inadvertent on our part as I picked up the news item from a web portal TwoCircles.net, the link which I've already provided. However, I have removed the photographs posted earlier and also deleted the line "The newspaper's office was sealed and the editor and owner arrested and exiled" to avoid confusion and spreading false information. It is pleasing to note that the mistakes have been cited by no less a person than the great grandson of Vakkom Abdul Qadir Moulavi himself. I also suggest that you kindly ask TwoCircles.net to delete the offending line. I appreciate your concerns about the community and invite you to regularly contribute news and views about Kerala Muslims for IndianMuslimObserver.com. Thanks.


    Danish Ahmad Khan
    Executive Editor

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