Published On:30 September 2010
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Fight for Babri Masjid is fight for justice and rule of law

By Zaheer Ahmad

Is ownership of Babri Masjid the real issue? I think it should not be main issue; original issue is demolition of ancient Masjid that was not only a Masjid but also an ancient historical pride for India. Main issue is more than 2,000 innocent people are killed by some fundamentalists. Issue is some people try to make differences between two communities. Issue is not respecting our system and some fundamentalists not having trust on our constitution. So I think, this fight is not fight of any Hindu, Muslim or any specific community. This fight is for justice, for constitution, for our country, for our great civilization and every Indian should participate and raise their voice against some people who are using masses for their political benefit.

We cannot give permission to anybody to demolish any construction or fight and whatever you want you take yourself. If anybody thinks, there are any controversies for the ownership of anything then they can go with proper channel for the same and we have system to solve all the issues but these all are for those people who have trust on our judiciary and constitution. If anybody wants to do all the things as per their own rule, then they should be punished for the same, irrespective of their caste or community. If anyone doesn’t have trust on our system, our judiciary and our constitution, they can’t be Indian and they should be treated as anti-Indian.

According to my thinking, court should give decision on demolition of Babri Masjid, killing of more than 2,000 innocent people, destruction of peace of the country, riot etc and all the people involved in this should get punishment for their deeds. There should be strong message for all the fundamentalists from any community, we cannot afford any destructive action by anybody, if we fail to do that then I am sure this will happen again and again in the future also and then destruction will be more than our expectation.

After the first decision, we have to go for the ownership of the place and we have to think about that, what to do now of that land. As I think, this is very controversial place since last 60 years and still, we are not in position to give to anyone party. There are many suggestions for the ownership of the land and I think this place should not be given to any party. The government should acquire complete land and they should build an educational institution or world class hospital because these are the two things we really need and all the communities can use them. I believe both the parties will accept the same, without any ego problem.

[Zaheer Ahmad is a Mechanical Engineer associated with a company in Dubai. He can be contacted at zahmad_786@yahoo.co.in]

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Posted by Indian Muslim Observer on September 30, 2010. Filed under . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Feel free to leave a response

By Indian Muslim Observer on September 30, 2010. Filed under . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

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