Published On:22 March 2009
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Indian Muslim News - BABARI MASJID

Reviving Babari Masjid agitation at this stage will serve no particular purpose: Syed Shahabuddin “No particular purpose would be served by the revival of Babari Masjid agitation at this stage.” This statement has come from Convenor of Babari Masjid Movement Coordination Committee (BMMCC) Syed Shahabuddin at a time when India braces for 2009 parliamentary elections. Babari Masjid Movement Coordination Committee was established in December 1986 to spearhead movement to get Babari Masjid restored to Muslims for prayers. Babari Masjid was attached in 1949 and Hindus and Muslims were legally barred from offering prayers there. However, acting on the petition of a local advocate in February 1986 a Sessions Judge at Faizabad court passed an order opening the locks of the Babari Masjid without consulting or hearing the Muslims who were the party to the case. Syed Shahabuddin, who is also a member of the All India Muslim Personal law Board Committee on Babari Masjid that is engaged in representing the Muslim side before the Special Bench of the Allahabad High Court, counseled restraint and said that those striving to restore the Babari Masjid have to wait patiently till the Supreme Court delivered its judgment on the question of title and even later as it was more than likely that the loser in the title suit will file an appeal to the Supreme Court. “The Government could implement the roadmap drawn by the Supreme Court in October 1994 only after the final verdict comes. It is now the duty of the Government to maintain the status quo until the verdict,” Syed Shahabuddin said. According to Syed Shahabuddin insofar as the Muslim side was concerned various Muslim bodies including BMMCC have committed themselves to accept the final juridical verdict on the title. However, it is unfortunate that the Hindu side – Sangh Parivar, VHP and Ram Janam Bhumi Nyas, have so far refused to make a similar commitment and had taken the stand that they shall accept the juridical verdict only if it was in their favour. This stand will create a piquant situation for the Government of the day to tackle, he said. Another prominent leader associated with the Babari Masjid movement Jawed Habeeb also demanded that it is time that the report of Liberhan Commission on the demolition of the mosque be made public. Jawed Habeeb was elected Chairman of the All India Babari Masjid Action Committee at its meeting held after about 14 years on 8 February 2009.

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By Indian Muslim Observer on March 22, 2009. Filed under . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

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